Thursday, 24 October 2013

Black Platform Heels Review & Pairing

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Soo its another review and pairing! Today I felt like doing a review and pairing with suede black platform heels. These sheos can be worn with almost everything and anything. I have four pairing; Summer night date pairing, Casual Pairing, Winter Pairing and Fancy Pairing. This is my own type of style but feel free to take inspiration from these pairing and outfits.

My first pairing is a summer night date look. This outfit is perfect for a date with that someone during a warm summer's night. This outfit is about pairing the black heels with a dress that stands out on its own but still pairs with the heels very well. I love this outfit because there isn't much going and the dress is very simple which is why it pairs so nicly with the heels. This outfit is finished off with red lipstick which really completes the look and goes with the dress perfectly. This outfit is good for a dinner date!

The second pairing is a casual pairing. This would be an outfit that you would where going shopping with friends, getting coffee in starbuck or having lunch with friends. This outfit include a loose fitting pair of jeans, plain black top and black and white cardigan and of course a pair of black heels. I love this outfit because the loose fitted jeans give it a casual look whereas the fitted black top and loose cardgian finsh off the outfit. The black heels make the outfit look abit fancier and pairs well with the loose jeans.

The next pairing is a winter pairing. Now this pairing is for people who live in countries where it doesn't get very cold. This outfit includes a white button up shirt, black skinny jeans, a bag handbag and black heels! This outfits is perfect for work, meeting friends or family or if you feel like looking hot and fancy while shopping. This outfit works so well because the white and black pair together and compliments each other. The handbag brings the outfit together and completes it. The black heels make the outfit fancy and smart. If you live in a country that is freezing or gets very cold in the winter than you can always add layers such as a leather jacket.

Fancy pairing is the last pairing. Well this pairing is my favorite pairing mainly because I love wearing dresses. This outfit involves a light pink lacey dress worn with a black leather jacket and sky high black heels. Now if your like me and can't walk more than 2 meters without falling on your face then you may want to try a lower heel. This outfit is for birthday dinners or family dinners because it is very fancy and isn't normally worn out and about but if you want to wear it on a shopping day, more power to you! This outfit works so well because the leather jacket and heels pair very well because they are the same colour and bring the outfit together.

Review time! Why do I love these heels you ask? Well for one they are easy to walk in. Now before you all think I'm crazy, I have walked in heels for a while so I have had some practice. But for me, these are the easy pair of heels to walk in. This is because they have a platform inside, so even through they seem high, they aren't as high. Therefore it stops the face-hitting-the-floor moments from happening and trust me it happens to everyone. I feel that black heels are the easiest shoe to pair with an outfit. This is because they are black and goes with every colour and therefore every outfit. Black heels make an outfit look really fancy and dress it up! You pair the heels with a pair of jeans an you look like your going to a wedding! These types of heels can be brought from anywhere. Mine happen to be brought from Primark and cost £10. I know, Primark shoes aren't the best quality but I don't wear them that often so I'm sure they will last me. If you have never tried to walk in heels before then you might want to try a lower height and then as your confidence in heels grows you can wear higher heels. Its the only way to do it, trust me! If you are a very beginner try black wedges and work from there up. Lastly, black heels are a must have in every girls shoe collection because you never know when you might get asked out on a date!

If you want to buy a pair of black heels I decided to help you guys out by giving you some links:

Hope you guys have liked this review and pairing! Comment below to tell me what you want to see next time!

Emily <3

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