Friday, 18 October 2013

High-Low Skirts

How to Style High-Low Skirts :) 

Hey guys so I have decided to create a post about high-low skirts and how to wear them. I love high-low skirts because they are different and look pretty. They flow in the wind and make you look like a princess. 

One way you can wear a high-low skirt is with a crop top. This type of outfit is perfect for the beach or for a music festival. Wearing a crop top with a high-low skirt gives the outfit a more casual look and is perfect for summer. This outfit can be completed with a pair of flip flops or sandals. 

Another way of pairing of high-low skirts is with a white tank top tucked into the skirt. If its a cold day then you can add a black leather jacket. This outfit is great for a date night or dinner with friends. This outfit can be paired with some killer black heels. 

Wearing a high-low skirt with a blouse. This gives the outfit a more grown up look and is a outfit that is good for a family gathering or dinner. Flats or Heels can be paired with this outfit. 

High-low skirts can be brought from almost any clothing store such as New Look, Primark, Forever 21 and Topshop. To help you guys out I have listed a few links to high-low skirts which you could buy: 

Emily <3 

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