Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Yankee Candle Review

Why Hello :)

Today I felt like doing a review so I decided I would do a review on a candle. For years I have never liked candles. But over the last few months I have loved burning candles. The candle that I will be reviewing today is a Yankee Candle in Bahama Breeze. This candle smells so amazing. It smells very fruity which is one smell that I really enjoy. This candle has extracts of fruit in it which gives it such an amazing smell. I would say that this candle is more of a summer and fall candle as it smells fruity. This candle costs 12 Pounds and burns for up to 45 hours. Bahama Breeze is from their Fruit Fragrance Collection. Yankee Candle have many different types of candles and collections. They create candles for the different types of year. For example they create many Christmas candles that have Christmas type smells to them. These candles come in many different sizes ranging from tea candles to large jar candles. Yankee Candle also has Candle Accessories to hold the candle or to put over the candle depending on the size of the candle.  This candle makes my room smell amazing and if you are wondering whether to buy a candle I would recommend you try a candle from Yankee Candle.

Emily <3

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