Thursday, 28 November 2013

High Top Converses Pairing:

Heys so it’s been a while and I’m Sorry that! I have so much stuff to do. Anyway I have a High Top Converse Pairing for you all. I love high top converse and a few weeks ago I brought my first pair and I love them! They are perfect for every weather and every season. You pair them with a dress or jeans. They go with everything! Its amazing!!!! Sorry I get excited sometimes, any who on to the first pairing J

 The first pairing is a Fall Outfit. This outfit includes jeans, normal white shirt and a black leather jacket! This is perfect with the converses because the jacket and converses go really well together. This is ideal for a shopping day.

The second pairing is a winter outfit. Its currently winter and that means wearing jumpers and jackets. I have too outfits, one is more causal and lazy! You could high top converses with jeans of any colour and one thing I love about these outfits is that the shoes match the outfit so well. If you want to wear converses out in the snow I would wear thick socks!

The third pairing of converse is a spring outfit. This outfit is amazing because it is warm but cute. The converses really match the jacket and just complete the outfit fully.

The last pairing is summer! I feel that this an amazing outfit because anyone can create it! This is because it only involves shorts, a normal top and a pair of high top converses and you’re ready!

You can also create your own type of converses by adding studs! This gives the converses a more edger look and I think it’s cool! High top converses are available in all colours and sizes so if you want to pick up a pair I would say yes to that!

Links for Converses:

Thanks for reading  and talk to you guys soon 
Emily <3

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