Sunday, 3 November 2013

October Favorites 2013

Hey :)

October has ended :O I mean where has this month gone! Anyways I thought I would share my favorites for this month. My first favorites are candles. Shocking! I love Yankee Candle and did a review post on them earlier this month and I brought a couple more candles. The first candle is Mango Peach Salsa. Oh my gosh this candle smells amazing. I love candles that have fruit smells to them so I decided to try this candle out. I brought the small jar just because I wanted to buy a couple of candles and decided to buy them in the smaller jar rather than the bigger jar.

The next candle I brought is Vanilla. This is a favorite this month because it smells like heaven in a candle. This candle has a sweeter smell but I love this smell because it reminds me of cupcakes and baking. It makes my room smell like a massive cupcake!

My next favorite for this month are the Maybelline Baby Lips. I have many in Peach Kiss, Pink Punch and Cherry Me. I love these lip products because they don't dry out your lips and are not that heavy. I love the ones with a hint of colour in them so if I'm having a lazy day I can just use these and they will make my lips feel smooth and colourful.

The Rimmel London lasting finish soft colour blush in live pink (050) is my next favorite. I never normally wear make up but I wanted to try a new blush because I had a birthday dinner/party and wanted to wear make up but this blush is amazing and suits me really well. I brought this one from boots.

My next favorites are nail polishes. Another shocking favorite! For anyone who doesn't know I am addicted to nail polishes and its a problem. My favorite drugstore brand is Barry M. This is because I find that their nail polishes stay on for longer and I'm a swimmer so I am more likely to chip a nail which sucks so I like Barry M. They are also cheap which is a plus. The nail polish on the left is Amethyst Glitter (354) and is a Multi-colour glitter nail polish which is perfect for parties and makes me feel like a princess. The nail polish in the middle is Red Glitter (150). This nail polish is amazing and just shouting christmas! I know its a bit early for christmas but I couldn't help myself. The nail polish on the right is Black Multi Glitter (333) and is a darker colour but is still girly because of the glitter.

I have one food favorite for this month which is Chewits Vampire Fangs. These taste amazing and I got these for my birthday and haven't stopped eating them since. I'm not sure if you can buy these everywhere but I'm were brought from my local supermarket so check your if your interested and love sweets.

Fashion Must-Haves!! I love fashion and so my fashion must haves this month are circle skirts!!!! I know its winter now but I still love wearing circle skirting with tights and leather jackets. These two circle skirts are both from Primark and where 3 Pounds each. I love them and have been wearing them so much!

I love music and therefore its only fitting that I include music favorites. My first favorite song is All I've Ever Needed by AJ Michalka. If your wondering where you have heard of AJ Michalka she is from Aly & AJ! This song is amazing and has a strong message so give it a listen:

My next song is Once In A Lifetime by Landon Austin. This song is amazing and is perfect for those people who love a good love song! I first heard of this song from FleurDeForce's Wedding Video (AMAZING)!

Tiffany Alvord! Can we take a moment....She is amazing and another favorite is her cover of Avicii's Wake Me Up. I love how she puts her own spin on it!

If you like One Direction then check out this song called Can We Dance by The Vamps! Just listen:

Well thats my month favorites! I would love to know what your best haves for this month were and if you wanted to tell me just a comment below! Thanks to reading! See you soonnnnn :D

Emily <3


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