Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Gym Outfit

Welcome back :)

This is going to be a fashion post. As I have said before even through its no longer a full fashion blog I will still be doing fashion posts and todays post is going to be about gym outfits. Now I know people don't go to the gym to dress up but I believe that looking cute in gym wear helps motivate to get up and go work out. My normal gym outfit is a made up of sports leggings medium or long depending on the weather and a work out top. Because I live in the UK, I normally also have to wear a hoodie and jackets over the top and of course a pair of trainers. I love the nike free run trainers because they look cool and come in loads of different colours. To finish off this post, I am going to leave you with some photos to give you inspiration of what to wear to the gym if you need some motivation. See you next time!

Emily <3 

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