Thursday, 6 February 2014

Winter Outfit 2014 :)

Hi again. Yes I know its my third post in three days! Today I’m going to show you my ideal winter outfit. I decided to try something different and do a post about a winter outfit as I always end up finding myself throwing all my clothes everywhere in the morning when trying to decide what to wear so I hope this helps you. I live in the UK where it is cold most of the time so these outfits are often what I wear but however if you are lucky enough to live somewhere it’s not freezing then you could change the outfit a bit to suit you more. I have three outfits to show you.

The first outfit is an outfit that missglamorazzi (Ingrid) wore and I often base my outfits on this. This outfit is perfect for a snow day and is very warm. This outfits includes a big coat, a beanie, jeans or leggings, a knit jumper, knit socks, gloves and combat boots. I find this outfit great for those days when you are going sightseeing, going for a walk in the snow or going street shopping with friends in cold weather.

The second outfit is more of a casual outfit. As you may be able to tell this outfit inspiration is from the wonderful Emma Stone. This is perfect for a lazy day and looks super cute. This outfit involves a knit jumper, blue jeans, a cute scarf, a slightly over sized coat and a pair of ankle boots. This would be a perfect look for a casual day out with family or for one of days when you don’t want to the warm house but need to run a few jobs or even just to grab coffee.

My last outfit is a more smart kind of outfit. Yes, that’s right miss Nina Dobrev gave me to inspiration for this outfit. All you need is a beanie, a skater skirt jacket, jeans or legging, cute booties and a cute handbag. This outfit is perfect for a date nights when it’s cold outside, for family dinners or even a girly night out. If you want to make this outfit even smarter than I would suggest leaving the beanie at home and perhaps putting your hair into a sock bun or a top knot bun.

I hope that these three outfits I picked out help you when deciding what to wear.  If you liked this post and want to see more posts about outfits then leave a comment below and I just might do some more. Thanks for reading!    

Emily <3


  1. I love layering!
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  2. I love all the cute coats, especially the green one, it has such a nice pop of color! :D


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