Saturday, 8 February 2014

How to dress like Emily Thorne

Hi guys!

I'm so glad that you guys liked my previous post about winter outfits so I decided to do another outfit post. This post is about one of my favourite TV shows...Revenge. I came up with this idea while watching Revenge and noticed how Emily has amazing style. So for post I am going to show you three different outfits that Emily has worn. Their is a smart outfit, a casual outfit and a party outfit. I hope you guys enjoy this post and find it useful. Lets get started with the outfits.

The first outfit is a party outfit. This outfit includes a tightly fitting red dress and a low neck line and a silver purse. I love this outfit because it shows how pretty and sophisticated she truly is. Emily worn this outfit to one of Victoria Grayson's fancy parties. To recreate this look, you will need any dress that hugs your body nicely, a little purse and a cute pair of heels or flat if you are like me and can't walk more than 2 meters in heels without failing over! This outfit can be finish off by curling your hair and putting it to a left side. This outfit would be a perfect for a date night, a night out with friends or a family wedding.

The second outfit is a smart outfit. I picked this outfit because I think that Emily naturally has a smart style. This outfit includes a white shirt, a blue blazer, and a pair of black jeans. I think that this outfit could be worn to a family lunch, a lunch with a boyfriend, a meeting or a causal work outfit. This outfit can be recreated easily by pairing any shirt with a navy blue blazer and pair of skinny jeans. I would finish this outfit off with a pair of black flats.

The last outfit is a casual outfit. This outfit involves paring a blue button up shirt and white jeans plus a white handbag. This would be an amazing outfit for running jobs around town, going food shopping, meet up with friends, or going out for breakfast. This outfit is the best to recreate because it just requires a button up shirt and a pair of jeans. You can chose what shoes to wear and what handbag you want but black does go with everything.

Well, guys thats three outfits done! I really hope that this was helpful and gives you ideas of outfits to wear to a party, to a wedding, to a dinner or a simple food shop. You can leave me comments about this post and if you liked it! If you want more posts like this or enjoyed you could leave me a comment as well. Talk to you all very soon. Bye Bye

Emily <3

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