Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentine' day Hairstyles

Hey guys!

I know I have been away for a couple of days but I am back with a new post. This post is going to be about hairstyles that you can rock for valentine's day. I wanted to do this post because I am always looking for different ways to style my hair and one way I find inspiration is through celebrities hair styles and these hairstyles are inspired by celebrities. So lets take a look at the hairstyles.

The first hairstyle is a top knot hairstyle. This inspiration is from Shay Mitchell. I love top knot buns because they add a posh yet pretty feel to the outfit and also ensures that the hair stays out of the face and doesn't get in any food or gets blown by the wind. This hairstyle would be perfect for dinner dates or slightly posher events.

This hairstyle is fairly easy to recreate, First you put your hair in a high ponytail and tie it with a hairband. Next braid the ponytail and tie at the end with another hairband and then wrap the ponytail braid around itself until it becomes tight and then the final step is to add bobby pins in to hold the bun in place. You can add hairspray if its a wind day or night or if you feel that it may fall out.

The next hairstyle was taken from Victoria Justice. This is a half up half down do and is easy and simple to do but still looks amazing and very pretty. I think this type of hairstyle would be perfect for a movie date or a more casual dinner date. This hairstyle can be done this a middle or side parting.

To recreate this hairstyle you will need a couple of bobby pins and a hair straightener. This is the easier hairstyle is created. The first step is to straighten your hair. I would recommend using some type of heat protective spray to stop your hair from getting damaged before you straighten your hair. After this, you take one piece of hair from either side and bring them to the same point at the back of your head and pin the hair using a bobby pin. You can use three or four pins to keep it in place.

The last hairstyle is taken from Miley Cyrus. I love this hairstyle and is perfect for a casual date. This could be a lunch date, a hiking date if your that type of couple, a shopping date or if you just want to be comfortable during a dinner date.

This is again a fairly easy hairstyle is recreate. All you will need is a hairband and maybe a couple of bobby pins. First you will need to give yourself a side parting. It doesn't matter which side. Next bring your hair to the side that it is parted it and start braiding until you want and then tie it with a hairband. You can pull some lose bits of hair to help frame your face to finsih it off. If you have layered hair and therefore have hair falling out the back then use a couple of bobby pis to keep the hair in place at the back.

Well thats the three hairstyle which you could use for valentine's day. Hope you all have enjoyed this post. Comment below if you want more posts like this and whether you used any of these hairstyles. Have a greate Valentine's Day!

Emily <3

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