Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine's Day Casual Outfits


This is the last post in the Valentine's Day series! Oh happy valentine's day and just remember someone loves you ;) Anyway this post is about more casual outfits for those girls who don't feel that need to dress up and impress their dates or if you are going an a casual date such as a theme park data (my favorite!). Lets start...

The first outfit is a casual outfit that would be perfect if you were going a lunch date! It includes a black shirt, a cute cardigan, a pair of jeans and black heels. If you don't feel like you want to wear heels feel free to change it up and wear flats or converse. I am all about being comfortable with your own style. This is a fairly easy outfit to recreate and doesn't require a lot of planning. To complete this outfit you can add a necklace or bracelet and a couple of rings. You could also put your hair in a top knot or sock bun!

The second and final outfit is a very casual outfit but I truly love it!! This is perfect for a shopping date, a coffee date or a theme park date! This outfit involves a cute of denim shorts , tights, a white button up shirt, a red jumper and a hat. This is a perfect outfit because it is comfortable and casual but looks very chic and cute at the same time. It can be recreate with any denim shorts and a cute top with a jumper. If you don't like wearing hats try wearing a beanie!

Thats all for now!!! I really hope you thought outfit was useful and interesting. Which outfit was your favorite and what are you wearing? Comment below telling me what you want me to write about next! Outfits, make up, hairstyle or reviews?

Emily <3

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