Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentine's Day Dress Outfits

Why hello again :)

Today I am doing another Valentine's day post. Incase you didn't already know Valentine's day is arriving very soon so I decided to do a series of three posts about different outfits you could wear on Valentine's day. The first post is going to be dress outfits, the second one is going to be about skirt outfits and last is going to be a casual outfit so there should be an outfit for everyone! Hope you guys enjoy these series of outfits and lets it started with the first one.

There is going to be two outfits with include dresses. The first outfit is a red skater dress. It is a lacy dress and is belted at the waist. This is done to ensure that we don't lose the waist line and keeps the shape of the body. I love this outfit because it contains little details within the lace and contain little flowers which I think gives the outfit a very girly feel to it! To complete this outfit pair the dress with a cute pair of black pumps.

The second outfit is again another girly one and is lacy. However this dress is blue and is shorter than the last one but of course this is your choice so you can decide on the length of the dress. One thing I love about this dress is the way that the sleeves are longer and are slightly see through and gives the outfit a more sexy look. This outfit can be finished off by adding a mini purse or handbag and a sparkly pair of heels such as the gold ones in the photo.

These two outfits would be perfect for girls that are going out on a smart and posh date like to a expensive and posh restaurant. Well, thats the end of this post! I hope this post was useful and you got some inspiration for your outfit. Come back tomorrow and check out the post on skirt outfits for valentine's day!

Emily <3

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