Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine's Day Skirt Outfits

Welcome back guys!

Thanks for coming back to my blog to check out my second post on Valentine's day outfits! This post is going to be based on outfits that contain skirts. These outfits are suitable for cold and hot countries. I am going to be showing three different outfits so lets begin!

The first outfit is a more winter type of outfit and includes a black shirt, a red skirt and black leather jacket. This is outfit has a edgy to it but is still ideal for valentine's day. I would recommend this outfit for a more casual dinner date or a night on the town. This outfit can recreated by pairing your favorite circle skirt and top together and adding a cute cropped leather jacket. This outfit can be completed by adding black heels, a skinny black belt and cute pieces of jewelry. If you live a cold country you can add tights to this outfit.

The next outfit is a casual yet still sophisticated and an amazing outfit for valentine's day. This outfit includes a wine red colored top with a high waisted circle skirt. I love the skirt in this photo as it contains a flower pattern and just gives the outfit a very girly look. However if you are not that girly a normal skirt will do just fine. I think that is an ideal outfit because it is simple but also effective. TO recreate this outfit you can pair a red long sleeve top with a high-waisted skirt and add heels to make it girly or flats! To finish the outfit off add red lipstick to add a pop of colour.

The last outfit is for the girls who live in warm countries. This outfit includes one of my favorite things ever...a high-low skirt!!!!! I love them and are so pretty and make an outfit look amazing. I would personally wear this outfit if I lived in a hot country. This outfit would be ideal for a date in a park or an outdoor picnic. To recreate this outfit all you need this anything coloured high-low skirt and a matching top and a pair of heels or flats.

Well thats all the skirt outfits! I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Comment below telling me which outfit you loved the most, if you have any plans for valentine's day and what you would like to see next! Talk to you guys real soon!

Emily <3

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