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Wardrobe Essentials: Leather Jacket

Hello girls!

So I'm back with another post. I have decided to start a new series of posts called wardrobe essentials. This series will involve talking about pieces of clothing that I feel everyone should have. I am going to be giving you ideas of how you can wear these wardrobe essentials. For this post I am going to be talking about my first essential which is leather jackets. I love leather jackets and own four different types. I am going to be showing you six different outfits that you could pair a black leather jacket with.

I picked black leather jackets as my first essential because they are perfect for every weather and add that edge to a outfit. Leather jackets go with almost everything as they are black and I would really recommend that if you don't already have one that you invest in one. Trust me you won't be sorry that you brought one. When I first brought a leather jacket, I was really unsure of how to wear it and wasn't that confident in wearing it. However now, I wear a leather jacket almost everyday because I love it so much.

Leather jackets are easy to find and range in price. I would recommend that you try a cheaper one to begin with so that if you don't like it you haven't wasted a lot of money and if you like it then you could invest in a more expensive jacket that has better quality. You could pick a leather jacket from places such as Primark, New Look, Forever 21, Topshop or These shops range in prices and quality. Leather jackets come in different shapes and sizes. There are cropped leather jackets and blazer style leather jackets as well as leather jackets with hoodies on it. Anyway lets get on the first couple of parings.

These first two outfits are gonna be casual pairings. The first outfit involves wearing a leather jacket, a pair of ripped jeans, a pair of heels and white shirt. This outfit is perfect for going to lunch or a causal shopping day with friends. This could also be a good outfit if you swap the heels for flats. You could finish this outfit with a bag that you want and a pair of funky sunglasses. You can easily recreate this outfit by pairing jeans and leather jacket and a heels.

The other casual outfit is more casual than the last. This outfit includes a white shirt, leather jacket, sweatpants and converse. This outfit is for those days when you don't want to leave your bed or house but have to go out anyway. You create this outfit by wearing a white shirt, any sweatpants, a crop leather jacket and any pairs of converse. You could finish this outfit off by sticking your hair up in a mess bun or top knot.

The next two outfits are gonna be summer outfits. This first summer outfit is a more casual outfit. This one includes jean shorts, any shirt and leather jacket and sunglasses. This would be a ideal outfit for sightseeing, or shopping on a wonderful summer day. I always wear this outfit during the summer as it isn't that hot in the UK so I normally wear a leather jacket. This is a popular outfit and is recreated by putting on a leather jacket, white shirt and jean shorts and any sunglasses. You could finish this outfit off by having straight hair.

The other summer outfit is a smart and girly outfit. I love this outfit!!! This is because leather jacket and dresses go so well together and is a perfect outfit for summer. This outfit includes a dress, leather jacket, black handbag and a cool pair of sunglasses. This would a ideal outfit for dinner dates, movie dates, a fancy shopping trip or a dinner with friends. My favorite part of this outfit is the hair because I think that a sock bun finishes the outfit perfectly.

The last two outfits are winter outfits one fancy and one causal. The first of these is a fancy winter outfit. This includes a red dress, a cropped leather jacket, a patterned scarf, a pair of thick blacks tight and over the knee boots. This is an amazing outfit and I just wanna say a special thanks to Wendy's lookbook for giving me this idea. To finish off this outfit you can have a low mess bun. This would a great outfit for a date night or a big family gathering.

The last outfit is a casual pairing involving a lot of layers. This would be great for anyone that lives in a cold country. This involves wearing as many layers as physically possible. These layers could be jumpers, cardigans, hoodies and then the leather jacket goes on top to give the outfit an edgy look. If you are gonna be wearing a lot of layers then I would recommend belting some of the layers to try and keep the wrist line.

Well thats all the outfits for a leather jacket pairing. I really hope you enjoyed this post and comment below if you enjoyed this and if you would like me to continue with this series. Leave comments below to tell me about this post.

Emily <3

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