Sunday, 16 February 2014

What happening with this blog??

Hey guys!

So this is going to be a different post because it is an update telling you about what is happening at the moment with this blog. I have decided to take this blog into another direction. When I first started blogging I wasn't sure what I wanted to do or what I wanted to say so I just set it up as a fashion and beauty blog. However over the last couple of weeks I have really been thinking about where I want this blog to go so I have finally decided to change my blog up and make it a more general blog. This is now going to be about fashion and beauty still but I am going to also be talking about food, travel and just normal life. I decided to do this because this blog could speak to more people but also can have different posts and it also allows me to share more and different things about me with you. Because this blog is no longer a full fashion blog I have decided to change the name of it. However I will still be continuing with my wardrobe essential series and writing fashion blogs as well. I hope you guys enjoy this change to the blog and hopefully will continue to support me in the further.


Emily <3

P.S. do you like the new background?

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