Friday, 21 February 2014

What I Brought

Heyyyyyy :D

Why hello again and welcome back to my blog! This post is going to be a haul post because someone (me) may have done some shopping over the last couple of days. Now this is going to be a collective haul as I brought a range of things which include candles, clothes, shoes, books and beauty stuff. I brought all of these items with my own money that I earn myself. Well lets get started with the haul...


This is the Barry M Pomegranate  nail polish and was brought from Superdrug and cost 3.99. I love gelly hi shine nail paints because they last for a long time and are a really food quality.
 The next thing I brought was nail paint removed. I use this type of removed because it works really well and works fast and removes all paint. It costs 1.59 and was also brought from Superdrug
I also got some Simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes. These wipes are used to remove make up and I use these because I have very sensitive skin. They cost 1.99 and believe it or not I brought these from superdrug as well.


I brought these tealights because I have a couple of tealight holders and I needed some candles. These come from a local pound shop. These candles smell of fresh peach.
These tealight candles are from the same pound shop however these smell of indulgent vanilla. There are 12 per pack and cost a pound per packet.


 So one of my best friends ever kept going on about how good this book was and that I had to read it so I just decided to buy it and I am not going to lie I love it! I got this book from waterstones and cost 7.99.
Now I know this book is going to make me cry but I love love stories and everyone keeps going on about how good it is so I brought the book and it costs 7.99 also from waterstones.


I brought these shoes from New Look and they were on sale. I thought they would be perfect to pair with a dress for a night out. They are fairly high but have a platform inside so they aren't as high as you think.

 They are made of a suede material and are very comfortable.
 I would pair these heels with a cute dress, black tights and leather jacket.
They have some gold details at the back. They zip up at the back so they are easy to put on and take off.


 The first item I brought was this cost. I have been looking for a parka coat for a long time because I live in the UK and it is freezing cold. When I found this coat I fell in love with it. It is a size 12 but it fits well and allows me to fit loads layers underneath it. It is from New Look and cost 30 pounds but worth the buy.
 The next item I brought is from a charity shop. Now I love charity shops and think they are a great place to find good quality clothes at a cheap price. This top is from Topshop and I   brought it from the charity shop for 2 pounds which is amazing.

The last thing I brought was a dress also from the same charity shop and cost 3 pounds. This dress is from H & M and would be perfect for a date night.

Well thats everything I got in my haul. I hope you guys enjoyed and comment below telling me your favorite thing I brought and if you brought anything in the last couple of days. Till next time.

Emily <3

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