Tuesday, 25 February 2014

What I Do When I'm Bored...

Helllloooo :)

How many times do you say 'I'm bored' in one week?! I'm not going to lie I say this way to often and I thought I could do a post about things I do when I am bored. Being bored is a feeling that I often get when I'm at home or at school or when I'm meant to do looking coursework (mostly this). One thing I love to do when I am bored is to bake. Yep bake. You could bake many different things and is something that I could also do with your family, friends or girlfriend or boyfriend. Cupcakes are a simple thing to bake and can also make a cute snack. Another think I do when I am bored is reading. Now I know reading isn't for everyone but I love it because it can take you to a whole new place and just lets you experience different things. Some books I would recommend would be Divergent, The Fault In Our Stars and The Rescue. Other things I do if I'm bored at home would be painting my nails or curling my hair or even just trying different hairstyles. These are some things that I do to pass the time. You can leave comments below telling me what you do when your bored and what you want to see next.

Emily <3    

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