Sunday, 2 March 2014

February Favorites

Hi Hi :)

Its time for my monthly favorites. I don't have many favorites but I am still going to share my favorites anyway. I have a mixture of things for this month and I don't have many beauty items. Anyway lets get started with my favorites.

My first favorite of this month is a cute pair of heels. They are black and very comfortable. They are from New Look and go perfectly with a cute dress and black tights.

The second favorite is a nail paint from Barry M. It is in Plum (325). It is an amazing colour and is a Gelly Hi-Shine which I love! Its from Superdrug and I would really recommend it.

The next favorite is another Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine. It is in Pomegranate (351) and is a dark pink colour. I love this colour because it shows a pink colour and glossy and seriously worth it.

I love this red lipstick and is my next favorite. It is the revlon and is in the colour Candy Apple (035). It is a lip butter and is perfect because it doesn't feel heavy and stays on very easier.

The next favorite is a book that I truly love and have finished it. It is an amazing book and when I first brought it I wasn't sure about it but after 2 minutes I was hooked.

Beanies are another favorite of mine. They are amazing for days when your hair just isn't working with you. They keep you warm and mine is from Peacocks.

This is my first statement necklace and is also another monthly favorite. I really wasn't sure about big necklaces to begin with but after a couple of uses I have begun to warm up to it and love it. This one is from Primark and has pink and diamonds on.

This handbag is next favorite and is perfect for a shopping day and carries a lot of stuff.

The last favorite item is a black jacket. It is from New Look and is perfect for the UK winter and is warm.

My music favorites from this month are:

Gone Gone Gone - Phillip Phillips
So Easy - Phillip Phillips 
Can't Go Wrong - Phillip Phillips 
Wicked Game - Phillip Phillips
Katy Perry - Dark House 

My TV favorites;

Pretty Little Liars
The Fosters 
The Tomorrow People

Thats all the favorites for February. I'll see you very soon. Leave comments below telling me your favorites.

Emily <3   

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