Thursday, 20 March 2014

Make up & Nail Polish Storage

Today I'm here with a different kind of post. Today I reorganized my make up and nail polish collection and storage and I thought I would show you how I set out and store my make up. I have a lot of different types of make up so I came up with the idea to organize my stuff like this. I have a very small room so I don't really have many places to put my make up so I put them on top of my drawers. If you have a make up desk or just a normal desk you may have more space to play with but for me this is the best I have.

On the left side, I have my eye shadow. I brought this one from H&M a couple of years ago and I like this one because it has many different colours and is handy because all the colours are in one place. 

Also on the left side I also have a four Rimmel London nail polishes. These were all brought from Superdrug. 

Here I have all my eyeliners, mascaras and BB cream. I put them in this glass dish in the shape of a boat because they kept rolling about and falling off. I like this because they are all in one place. This dish was brought from a local shop. 

In this circle dish I decided to put in all my lipglosses, lipsticks, lip balm and anything that is used on my lips. I find this useful because the dish can hold a lot of things and you can see everything in it because it is see through. 

On the right side I have a Rimmel London blush and under that I have a Maybeline New York eyes shadow. 

On the far right side I have my more expensive nail polishes. These include brands such as OPI and China Glaze. I placed these over this side because they were the same height and looked cute together. 

Also on this side I have another four other nail polishes. This is because I wanted both sides to look similar and matching. 

In the center of the area I have a little jar which I filled up with more lip products. I know I have lots of lip products. These include lip balms and lip glosses. 

On the top right side I have my Victoria Secret Pure Seduction and Victoria Secret Pure Daydream. I love the way they match my walls. 

On the top left side I have my cheap hair spray and heat protection spray. 

And lastly at the back I have my hair brushes and hair combs. I keep them at the back because they are large and take up a lot of space. 

I hope this post helped you come up with ideas of how to store your make up or if you have limited space or a small room you could use inspiration from this. Hope you have enjoyed this post and comment below if you want to see more beauty stuff. 

Emily <3 

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