Sunday, 23 March 2014

My Most Worn Rings

One thing I love wearing is rings. I have many rings that I have collected and brought over the years and I came up with the idea to show you guys which rings I love most and which ones I always end up wearing. There is a range of different rings that come from a range of shops.

This ring is from Topshop and is a rose gold colour which I love. It has a pink rock in the middle and is perfect to be paired with a pink dress. 

This next ring is a favorite of mine. This one is from Accessorize and was on sale for a pound. I love this ring because it has a small pink rose on it and is the perfect size and fits well on my first finger.

I brought this ring from Claire's and is fairly big for a everyday ring but I love it because of the design and colour. 

This is one of my favorites because my name begins with E so I think this ring is perfect. It was brought from Forever 21 and I love the colour of it. 

This ring is a new ring that I have added to my collection. It is from Topshop and I truly love it and the design is just amazing. 

I was given this ring by my mum a couple of years ago and I wear it alot because it has a simple design and goes well with any outfit. 

This ring is different from any others I own and was brought from Topshop. There are two parts to the ring; one is gold and other is silver. I love the style of this ring and the way the gold and silver go together. 

These sets of rings are from Primark and I'm not going to lie they aren't the best quality and normally turn my fingers green but they look cute together.

These two rings are also from Primark and I got them because they had a bird and wheel on them and I thought they looked very cute together. 

This is a midi ring and is the first one I own. This is because I used find them very uncomfortable to wear but I saw this one in Topshop and just decided to buy it and have not stopped wearing it since. I love this ring because of the detail. 

This ring is amazing because the heart is sparkly and pretty and I am a complete sucker when it comes to sparkly things and hearts. 

This ring is from Forever 21 and was a gift and I love it because of the colour of the heart and the gold detail around it. It is a fairly big ring but is perfect for a dinner date. 

Well guys thats all my most worn rings. I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and let me know what your favorite rings are and where you like to buy yours from. I have joined instagram and if you would like to follow me I am under the same name which is emilycouture95. Until next time...

Emily <3 

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