Sunday, 27 April 2014

Spring Inspiration

Hey my lovelies and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be doing a fashion post because I felt like I hadn't done a fashion post in a while so here I go. Since spring time is coming up I thought I would break out all of my spring clothing. Because I live in the UK it isn't that warm so I can't go around in a dress and flip flops. I found this photo which I found some inspiration from so I decided to do a quick post around it.

This photo kinda sums up my spring style. I have been into wearing jeans lately and I love pairing jeans with a bight top of some kind and of course I end up wearing converse all the time so this outfit is perfect for me!

Emily <3

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

Hey lovelies! I just wanted to do a quick blog post as it is easter sunday. I am currently wearing a skater dress and applying make up while writing this (multi-tasking for the win!) because I am off to my grandma's house and this got my thinking that I should just wish you guys a happy easter. I hope you all have loads of chocolate because I know I will! I am going to try and keep up blogging but it may not be as often as I have 5 weeks left of school so its crunch time and I will be a stressful mess but hopefully I will talk to you guys soon...

Emily <3

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Looking Ahead...University

Hello my lovelies and welcome back to my blog. Today's post is going to be a different type of post because I am going to talk about something that a lot of people will be going through. I am in my last year in school and therefore I am thinking about university. Now, for me this is a very scary thought I am not going to lie, I am so scared. But from talking to other people and friends, everyone feels this way when they first think about university because you are going to a new place, living by yourself and making new friends. I started this process almost a year ago by looking at different universities, which is a stressful process for me. I am the person that finds it difficult to decide what they want to eat in a restaurant so when it came to choosing a university it was a nightmare. In the end I decided to make a list of things that the university and course must have for me to consider applying. Some things on this list included, location, family, course, fitness and health. For location I wanted to go a university that wasn't too far away from my family because me and my family are very close so I decided to apply to universities within a 2 to 3 hours of my family. Courses are the thing that can really make your university experience great for terrible. I would recommend looking very closely at the courses because even if two courses have the same name they may not have the same units so I would say that you should check out the units to ensure you are happy with the content of the course. Some people may think that fitness and health is not something you think about when going to university but I am a sport student and therefore the sport facilities is very important to me.

Anyway after all this stress I have been offered a place in a university and the other day I went to visit the place and I really like it. The location is nice, it is small which is good for my social anxiety, got some amazing sport facilities and some amazing shopping! I decided to write this post because I wanted to tell everyone who feels that university may be too scared to do, try it because everyone is feeling this way and sometimes if you don't try it, you don't know what your missing. I will hopefully be writing more posts about my journey from school to university..

Emily <3

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Today's Make Up Products

Hey lovelies so today I decided to do a post about the products that I used today. Now I didn't use many products today mainly because I spend most of the day inside doing coursework (how very exciting I know) and therefore didn't go all out. I also didn't use any foundation or bb cream because I have seriously sensitive skin and the weather changes have many my face go red and I can't put anything on it at the moment. But putting that aside I wanted to show you what I used today...

The first thing I used was my Vaseline Rosy Lips Lipbalm to refresh my lips. 

Next I used this eyeshadow palette by MUA (superdrug own brand). I love this because you have so many colours. I used shade 9 and this is the heaven and earth palette. 

Today I tried out my new eyeliner for the first time. This is the rimmel london scandal eyes liquid eyeliner and I love it! It is so easy to use. I just lined my top line. 

Then I applied my new mascara and it is amazing as well and I will be continuing to use it! I just apply this to my top and bottom lashes. 

The last thing I applied was my lipstick. I love lipstick and today I chose the revlon lipbutter in candy apple and is perfect. 

Emily <3 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Music To My Ears

Hello lovelies and welcome back my to blog. I know that my blog has had a few changes such as the background and the new pages. I decided to change my background because I thought it was time for a change and as for the pages well the blog needed some organization because tidy blog, tide mind. Anyway for this post I decided to share with you my favorite songs at the moment because there has been some amazing songs recently so let's go ahead...

         Katy B - Crying for No Reason 

Lorde - Team 

Sam Smith - Money On My Mind 

Christina Perri - Human 

Lucy Hale - Goodbye Good 

Nashville Season 2 Soundtrack 

Avicii - Addicted to You 

Bastille - Things We Lost in the Fire 

Thats every song I have been listening to on repeat for the last couple of days! I know that its a weird mixture of songs but I am a weird person so my music shows my personality greatly!! Hope you guys have enjoyed this post. If you want to see more posts like this than just leave a comment below. You can also tell me what you think of the new format and what you have been listening to recently and any new songs you think I would like. Bye for now...

Emily <3

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Makeup Academy Eyeshadow Palette - Review

Today I am back with another post but its a different type of post its a review. I have never been into make up much but more recently I have been trying out different make up and I have been loving trying different eyeshadows. Because I have been into trying different eyeshadows I went into Superdrug and decided to pick up the Makeup Academy (MUA) Eyeshadow Palette in 'Undressed'. I got this eyeshadow palette because Fleurdeforce and FloralScene recommended and I decided why not try it. I know the name sounds weird but trust me I love it because it contains 12 different colours which range from pretty nudes to smouldering metallics. I love this palette because was cheap and you get 12 different colours and they are all different colours and I love blending the different colours together.

As you can see from the photos, there is a range of colours which is amazing because you can have all the colours you need in one place and is perfect for traveling. This is a cheap palette and only costs 4 pounds which is an amazing price compared to other eyeshadows such as the 24 hour colour tattoo which costs 5 pounds for one colour only. These eyeshadows are very pigmented and has amazing coverage. I would recommend this eyeshadow palette to anyone who is trying make up for the first time or if you want a cheap but good shadow. I hope you like the photos and I decided to take the photos outside because the weather was amazing. Would you like more outside photos in the future? Until next  time...

Emily <3 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Charity Shop/ Thrift Shop Haul

Hey and I am so sorry again for not posting in a while. I have been so very busy with very exciting and new things and I know that is a terrible excuse but to make up for it I decided to do a haul but not your normal haul...this is a charity/thrift shop haul. One thing I love doing when I have a bit of free time is shopping and one type of shopping that I like is charity/ thrift shopping. If you live in the US you will call them thrift shops but in the UK we call them charity shops. I love looking in charity shops because you can find the coolest things for a cheap price. There are many different charity shops that support different causes such as heart disease and cancer. Today I decided to do a haul about some of the clothes that I recently brought from a couple of different thrift shops so lets get started...

The first item I brought was this top. This top was originally from Primark and I decided to pick it up because of the colour and the pattern. The blue colour is perfect for the spring and summer time as it is bright and goes perfectly with denim shorts and flip flops. I also love the stars on it and I believe this shirt was a pound! This was an amazing deal.

This is the next item I brought and is also from Primark. It has this grey pattern on the front of it and has leather type material on the sleeves which I really like. This is perfect for wearing with grey skinny jeans and a leather jacket. I believe that this was 3.99 pounds. 

This next shirt is from Topshop and was an amazing buy. It was 2.50 pounds which I think is just amazing and you can't really go wrong with it. I love wearing this shirt with black skinny jeans or tucking it into a black circle skirt. This shirt can be dressed up or worn casually. 

This next item is a jumper and was originally from New Look. The one thing that I truly love about this jumper is the heart on it and the colour because I have been loving grey. This jumper is so flexibility because it can be paired with almost anything such as skinny jeans, skirts, sweatpants or even leggings. I brought this jumper for 4.99 pounds! 

The final item I brought was this pair of skinny jeans again originally from New Look. I brought these jeans because they are a different colour and I don't own any jeans in this colour. The colour is a mix between grey and blue and I love it. These jeans were 5 pounds which is amazing.

That's all the items that I have brought from charity/thrift shops recently and I would seriously recommend trying your local thrift shop to see what you can find and you might even end up finding some clothes that you love! Hope you have enjoyed this post and I will be back with more very soon. Comment below telling me what you would like to see next...

Emily <3 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wardrobe Essentials - Spring Dresses

I am back with another post and today it’s another wardrobe essentials. I started this series of posts awhile back but it’s been a long time since I have done another one so today I thought I would write another one. My previous wardrobe essentials was about leather jackets and if you would like to check that post out then just click the February link to the right and it should be under it. Anyway let’s get focused on this post. I decided that this Wardrobe Essentials post is going to be spring themed as we are now arriving into spring. One of my essentials for spring is dresses. This is because I normally spend the whole of winter wearing jeans and leggings so when spring comes around I love to wear all my dresses that I forgot I have. I find that dresses are perfect for spring because they add a bit of colour to your wardrobe and  makes you feel like a princess (yes…I just wrote that!). I am going to show you a number of different outfits which should hopefully give you some inspiration and gives you ideas of how you could style your dresses this spring.

My first outfit inspiration is a more lazy or casual look. I have taken this inspiration from the stunning Demi Lovato. This outfit is made up of high-low dress and a denim shirt and is perfect for the days when you are sitting at home watching tv or doing a quick junk food run (don’t pretend that you don’t do this!). This outfit is completed by adding a skinny belt at the waist to keep the shape and adding a necklace for a pop of gold. Demi decided to style her hair into a side braid which adds a more casual look to it however you can keep your hair down or even put it in a ponytail or bun. One thing I love about this outfit is the way that it can easily be created because everyone has a colourful dress and button up shirt hanging around in their wardrobe and creates this effortless yet chic look.   

The next outfit inspiration is going to be more of a dressy look and would be perfect for a girls day out whether it’s the movies, shopping or even lunch. This outfit consists of a black and white polka dot dress paired with a cropped orange jacket and orange flats. One of my favourite parts of this outfit is the jacket because it adds that pop of colour and really brings the whole outfit together. The dress is more on the neutral side but I think that with a orange jacket you don’t really need a brightly coloured dress anyway. This outfit also has a skinny belt added at the waist which as always helps keeps the figure. This outfit can easily be recreated by getting a skater dress of your choice and adding a belt and finishing off with a bright jacket and matching flats. This outfits gives a overall girly and chic look and is perfect for those lighter spring evenings (if you live in the UK).

This last outfit inspiration is a more smart and sophisticated outfit and would be ideal for dinner dates, evening dates, dinner with friends or even family. This outfit includes a beautiful flower patterned dress which a brightly coloured clutch purse. I believe that this outfit would be amazing for spring because of the colours. These colours just scream spring because they are so bright and would make anyone feel happy. This outfit can easily be recreated by finding any flower patterned dress with bright colours included if you want and a matching coloured purse. To finish off this outfit you can add rings, bracelets and a cute pair of sunglasses. If you aren’t that confident in wearing brightly coloured dresses or dresses with big bold patterns on then you can choose a dress with a more neutral colour and pattern. I would personally finish the outfit off with a pair of black heels.

If you don’t happen to own any spring dresses or just simply want to refresh and renew your spring dresses then you can go to almost any clothing store and I am sure that they will sell them but I am going to leave a list of shops and online stores below to help you out if you are still struggling to find any or if you want to know where I buy my dresses from.  

I hope you guys have enjoyed this wardrobe essentials post and that you have found ideas of how to restyle and wear your spring dresses. If you would like to see more wardrobe essential posts than just leave a comment below. Hope to talk to you guys very soon but until then…

Emily <3 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Favourites

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog. First off I would like to say sorry that I haven't posted anything within the last week and a half. I have been so very busy and I tried several times to sit down and write a post but haven't had any luck! I didn't  want to rush a blog post so I waited until I had time because I would rather have a post that is better quality rather than a post everyday but isn't very good. Anyway I am finally back and I have another favourite post and I know I say this every time but seriously where did March go and I can't believe that it is already April which means I have just over a month left before I am officially finished with school. Now that is a scary thought. Anyway lets get started with my favourities for this month and I have a range but they are mostly beauty which is different but sometimes different is good.

My first product is a make up remover. I have never brought a make up remover before because if you don't already know I don't wear make up all that often however recently I have been trying out more and more make up so I decided it was about time I went and brought myself one. I went for the Nivea Eye Make-Up Remover and I am so glad I did because it is amazing. It is so quick at getting off eyeliner, mascara and eye-shadow and smells really good. There are many different types of make up remover that you could buy however I decided to go for this one because I only really wear eye make up at the moment and I have the world's most sensitive skin and I react to most creams and products however this one looks like a winner! I would recommend this to anyone that is thinking about trying a new eye make up remover or if your like me and have gentle skin.  

My second product is a lipstick which isn't really surprising considering I wear lipsticks almost everyday and I am continuously buying more. Anyway the lipstick I have been loving this month is the Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in the number 22. Now I know this won't be to everyone's taste but I have this obsession with wearing red lipstick so when I saw this lipstick I fell in love with it. This is a fairly recent purchase as I included it in one of my beauty hauls and I said that I wasn't sure about wearing it but after a few tries I officially fell in love with it. I find that the best way to apply it is to dot it on and then use your finger to spread it evenly. I like to call this my 'Taylor Swift' lipstick as people are commenting on it saying its really red but I am really growing to love it and am becoming more confident in wearing it.

My next favourite is another beauty product. How very shocking...not. It is the Rimmel London BB cream. Now I have talked about this before in my beauty haul but seriously it is amazing stuff. Now I can't really wear much foundation because I find it too heavy however when I got a sample of this BB cream I thought I would give it a go and it turns out I like it and when I like something I normally have to go buy it because I can't help myself and yes I know its a problem I have! This BB cream is something different and is perfect for my skin because it is light but still covers up red spots and discolored skin and also moisturizes my skin which is always a bonus! This is definitely a favourite of mine as I have been wearing it everyday throughout the whole of March.  

My fourth favourite is a fashion item and is a bag. This bag is my newest bag to my massive collection and yes of course I have way too many bags but I have wanted this bag for the longest time. Now I know this is a bag that everyone was talking about and I first saw it when Zoella did her Winter Edition of 'What's in my bag?' and ever since then I have been wanting to buy it. It is from Topshop and everytime I go in there I always end up staring at it and the other day I decided to just treat myself and buy it and I am not going to lie I truly love it and I have been using it everyday. It is the perfect size and fits all the junk I carry around with me and goes with every outfit which is a must. The detail in the middle of the bag is my favourite part of the bag personally.

Nail polish is my next favourite. I feel like it wouldn't be one of my blog posts if I didn't talk about nail polishes. This month the nail polish I have been wearing like crazy is OPI's too hot pink to hold'em which is this bright pink and red colour. I also put this in a beauty haul and I said that it looked really thin however when I tried it out I only had to put two coats on and it looked amazing and I got a lot of comments about it and stopped by people asking where I got the nail polish from which just shows it is an amazing nail polish. I am sure I will be wearing this throughout the whole of summer because it is such as bright and fun colour.

My favourite book for this month has to be Insurgent which is the second book in the Divergent series and is an amazing read. I would recommend this book to every teenager that loves a good love story. By the way I can't wait to see the movie of Divergent!!!! As normal I have way to many tv shows that I love but I thought I would list a couple that I have been loving this month and these include Suits, The Tomorrow People, Dancing With The Stars and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

My Music Favourities:

Christina Perri - Human
Avicii - Addicted to You
Sam Smith - Money on My Mind
Lorde - Team
Ellie Goulding  - Goodness Gracious

Well guys that is everything that I have been loving this month. Please leave me comments below telling me what you have enjoyed this month and any products that you think I should try. What do you guys want to see next? A what's in my bag? Hope you have enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys very soon.

Emily <3

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