Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Charity Shop/ Thrift Shop Haul

Hey and I am so sorry again for not posting in a while. I have been so very busy with very exciting and new things and I know that is a terrible excuse but to make up for it I decided to do a haul but not your normal haul...this is a charity/thrift shop haul. One thing I love doing when I have a bit of free time is shopping and one type of shopping that I like is charity/ thrift shopping. If you live in the US you will call them thrift shops but in the UK we call them charity shops. I love looking in charity shops because you can find the coolest things for a cheap price. There are many different charity shops that support different causes such as heart disease and cancer. Today I decided to do a haul about some of the clothes that I recently brought from a couple of different thrift shops so lets get started...

The first item I brought was this top. This top was originally from Primark and I decided to pick it up because of the colour and the pattern. The blue colour is perfect for the spring and summer time as it is bright and goes perfectly with denim shorts and flip flops. I also love the stars on it and I believe this shirt was a pound! This was an amazing deal.

This is the next item I brought and is also from Primark. It has this grey pattern on the front of it and has leather type material on the sleeves which I really like. This is perfect for wearing with grey skinny jeans and a leather jacket. I believe that this was 3.99 pounds. 

This next shirt is from Topshop and was an amazing buy. It was 2.50 pounds which I think is just amazing and you can't really go wrong with it. I love wearing this shirt with black skinny jeans or tucking it into a black circle skirt. This shirt can be dressed up or worn casually. 

This next item is a jumper and was originally from New Look. The one thing that I truly love about this jumper is the heart on it and the colour because I have been loving grey. This jumper is so flexibility because it can be paired with almost anything such as skinny jeans, skirts, sweatpants or even leggings. I brought this jumper for 4.99 pounds! 

The final item I brought was this pair of skinny jeans again originally from New Look. I brought these jeans because they are a different colour and I don't own any jeans in this colour. The colour is a mix between grey and blue and I love it. These jeans were 5 pounds which is amazing.

That's all the items that I have brought from charity/thrift shops recently and I would seriously recommend trying your local thrift shop to see what you can find and you might even end up finding some clothes that you love! Hope you have enjoyed this post and I will be back with more very soon. Comment below telling me what you would like to see next...

Emily <3 

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