Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wardrobe Essentials - Spring Dresses

I am back with another post and today it’s another wardrobe essentials. I started this series of posts awhile back but it’s been a long time since I have done another one so today I thought I would write another one. My previous wardrobe essentials was about leather jackets and if you would like to check that post out then just click the February link to the right and it should be under it. Anyway let’s get focused on this post. I decided that this Wardrobe Essentials post is going to be spring themed as we are now arriving into spring. One of my essentials for spring is dresses. This is because I normally spend the whole of winter wearing jeans and leggings so when spring comes around I love to wear all my dresses that I forgot I have. I find that dresses are perfect for spring because they add a bit of colour to your wardrobe and  makes you feel like a princess (yes…I just wrote that!). I am going to show you a number of different outfits which should hopefully give you some inspiration and gives you ideas of how you could style your dresses this spring.

My first outfit inspiration is a more lazy or casual look. I have taken this inspiration from the stunning Demi Lovato. This outfit is made up of high-low dress and a denim shirt and is perfect for the days when you are sitting at home watching tv or doing a quick junk food run (don’t pretend that you don’t do this!). This outfit is completed by adding a skinny belt at the waist to keep the shape and adding a necklace for a pop of gold. Demi decided to style her hair into a side braid which adds a more casual look to it however you can keep your hair down or even put it in a ponytail or bun. One thing I love about this outfit is the way that it can easily be created because everyone has a colourful dress and button up shirt hanging around in their wardrobe and creates this effortless yet chic look.   

The next outfit inspiration is going to be more of a dressy look and would be perfect for a girls day out whether it’s the movies, shopping or even lunch. This outfit consists of a black and white polka dot dress paired with a cropped orange jacket and orange flats. One of my favourite parts of this outfit is the jacket because it adds that pop of colour and really brings the whole outfit together. The dress is more on the neutral side but I think that with a orange jacket you don’t really need a brightly coloured dress anyway. This outfit also has a skinny belt added at the waist which as always helps keeps the figure. This outfit can easily be recreated by getting a skater dress of your choice and adding a belt and finishing off with a bright jacket and matching flats. This outfits gives a overall girly and chic look and is perfect for those lighter spring evenings (if you live in the UK).

This last outfit inspiration is a more smart and sophisticated outfit and would be ideal for dinner dates, evening dates, dinner with friends or even family. This outfit includes a beautiful flower patterned dress which a brightly coloured clutch purse. I believe that this outfit would be amazing for spring because of the colours. These colours just scream spring because they are so bright and would make anyone feel happy. This outfit can easily be recreated by finding any flower patterned dress with bright colours included if you want and a matching coloured purse. To finish off this outfit you can add rings, bracelets and a cute pair of sunglasses. If you aren’t that confident in wearing brightly coloured dresses or dresses with big bold patterns on then you can choose a dress with a more neutral colour and pattern. I would personally finish the outfit off with a pair of black heels.

If you don’t happen to own any spring dresses or just simply want to refresh and renew your spring dresses then you can go to almost any clothing store and I am sure that they will sell them but I am going to leave a list of shops and online stores below to help you out if you are still struggling to find any or if you want to know where I buy my dresses from.  

I hope you guys have enjoyed this wardrobe essentials post and that you have found ideas of how to restyle and wear your spring dresses. If you would like to see more wardrobe essential posts than just leave a comment below. Hope to talk to you guys very soon but until then…

Emily <3 

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