Saturday, 31 May 2014

A New Eyeshadow Find // Natural Collection

If there is one thing that I love trying out it's eyeshadow and I have recently discovered a new eyeshadow duo that I have been using non stop. This eyeshadow duo comes from a brand called Natural Collection and is a low budget make up brand and is sold in boots. I love trying out different budget brands and I just recently noticed that my local boots sells Natural Collection products so I have brought a few different things to try out.

When I walked over to the Natural Collection stand, the first thing I noticed was the pricing of the products. They are so affortable and they have such a large range of products. However what caught my eye was this eyeshadow duo in Frost Shimmer/ Aqua Shimmer. The reason as to why I picked this eyeshadow up is because it has a lighter shade and a darker shade which is perfect for traveling and the colours also blend well together. This eyeshadow duo cost 1.99 pound and you can't really go wrong with that. 

The eyeshadow comes in a white tub with a plastic see through lid which looks and feels cheap but you can't expect much for the price. This eyeshadow comes with two different colours and the tub is split in half so you have equal amounts of both. Both of the eyeshadows have a buttery like texture to them and blend well together. I believe that the lighter colour is designed to be blended up into the brow bone and the darker colour is designed to be put on the lid. This creates a very natural yet cute look and is perfect for an everyday school make up look. I put on an eye primer before applying the eyeshadows, however towards the end of the day, they did begin to fade. 

Have you tried any Natural Collection Eyeshadows? 

Emily <3

Friday, 30 May 2014

Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation

Today's post is about a foundation. I have said a number of times before that I hardly ever wear foundation, however I have been trying out this foundation for the last month or so and I felt that it was time to review it. This foundation comes from a fairly overlooked brand called Miss Sporty and is generally known for younger girls or people who are beginning to wear make up. I first heard about this product when I was watching miss budget beauty's video about drugstore foundations and I decided to pick it up when I was in superdrug. When I first brought this foundation, I didn't think that I would really like it and that it would just sit in the room but still brought it to try out a foundation but that wasn't the case. In fact I have been using this over my BB creams and this is because it is a matte foundation and at the time I didn't know what matte foundation was but it has been a lifesaver. This is because I have been having trouble with oil control recently and I haven't had time to pop out and grab a powder as I live in a small village without a drugstore so I had to use this foundation to stop my face from becoming a shiny disco ball. 

This foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a pump and contains 30ml of product. I love the fact that it has a pump on it as other foundations I own don't have a pump so I end up pouring it all over the place! Another thing that is great about this foundation is that it doesn't end up being orange unlike many other drugstore foundations. It has a moussey texture to it but applies and blends like a liquid. This foundation is heavy but doesn't feel heavy when applied which is great. The coverage is light to medium but still evens out the skin tone and covers red areas. I would recommend this foundation for good skin days when you don't want a heavy full coverage foundation. However one downside to this foundation is that it dries quickly. This means that it doesn't blend very well and I wouldn't suggest that you just pour it out and put foundation all over your face because it will just dry up. Because of this I would recommend you just do one area at a time. I would not recommend this foundation for people with dry skin as it may stick to the dry areas. 

This foundation claims to give a flawless and healthy looking complexion and if I am honest, I don't think that it really gives a complete flawless look however it does make me look healthy. Now this foundation says that it lasts for up to 14 hours, but I don't think I have ever worn this foundation for 14 hours straight, mainly because I put it on in the morning and when I come back from school I often take it off so I can't really comment on this, but it does begin to fade and disappear towards the end of the day. The Miss Sporty foundation is also meant to control shiny zones and provide a matte affect and I believe that it does this really well. Every other foundation and BB cream I have used has made me shiny and I often have to powder over the top, but not this foundation. I often don't bother with powder if I am using this foundation and this is why I often chose this foundation if I am in a rush or don't want to be wearing powder or if I am going to be walking around a lot. 

It also claims to be a lightweight texture which doesn't clog pores and allows skin to breath. I think that the reason I have been getting along with this foundation so well is because it doesn't feel like I am wearing any foundation which is a must have for me. I don't think that it clogs my pores because stops me from becoming shinny throughout the day. It also transfers really well into my skin and gives a soft and smooth feeling. This foundation is meant to create perfectly balanced skin which I can agree with because it spreads evenly over my skin. Miss Sporty So Matte foundation is designed to have vitamins A, C and E which is a plus and helps to improve the look of your skin. 

My foundation is in the colour 002 light which isn't the lightest colour they sell and I personally think that it is a touch too dark for me but during the summer it should be fine. I believe that this foundation costs 3.49 pounds which is an amazing price for a drugstore foundation. This foundation is sold in boots and superdug and for the price is worth trying. 

Have you used this foundation before? What did you think?

Emily <3

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Huge Beauty Haul // Boots, Superdrug & More

Whenever I make a trip to boots or superdrug to pick up one product I always end up buying the whole shop and this trip was the same. I just went to get some make up removing wipes however I may have gone a bit crazy. I also went to this cheap make up store near me which sells make up products from a range of brands at a cheaper price so I also made a sneaky trip in there as well. I thought I would do a beauty haul for you. I personally love to read or watch a beauty haul because it gives me an idea of what other people are trying and have been buying recently. 


Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes - 1.99
This was the product that I originally went to get. I have used one pack of these wipes and they are amazing. As I am new to make up, I am unsure of any other brands to use at the moment as I have sensitive skin and therefore when I find a product that doesn't cause me to have a reaction, I normally stick with it. 

Nivea Express Hydration Primer - 3.50
When I was picking up the wipes, I also saw this product and decided to give it a try as I have been having trouble trying to keep the make up on my face rather than moving about. This primer is meant to be for dry and sensitive skin and was rather cheap. 

Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser - 1.99
If you have read my may favourites, then you might know that I have recently discovered this brand and I was watching miss budget beauty's 20 pound make up challenge video and I saw that she used their tinted moisturiser so I thought I would pick it up and try it. I am not one for wearing foundation regularly so tinted moisturiser sounds perfect for me. 

Natural Collection Pressed Powder - 1.99 
Another product from natural collection! I also brought their pressed powder because I have been having problems with oil control and I thought that this would be perfect for carrying around in my handbag as it is small and also very cheap. 

Natural Collection Lipsticks 'Coral Shimmer' & 'Pink Mallow'-1.99
I decided to try there lipsticks as well because they were very cheap and I heard MissShari talking about them and she had them in her drugstore favourites video so I thought they must be good and they are so cheap. 


Collection Cream Puff 'Cotton Candy' - 2.99
I had seen at  miss budget beauty did a review on this lip product and she really liked it and it is meant to be a moisturising lip cream and I always seem to have dry lips so I decided this would be a great product to use. 

Rimmel London Nail Polish 405 - 2.99
I am currently trying to crack out my summer nail polishes and when I saw this colour in the store I picked it up quickly because it is such a summer nail polish colour and I don't think I own any other colours like this. 

MUA Bronzer - 1.00
I have never owned or used a bronzer before because I am scared of looking orange, however I am beginning to become more comfortable trying new make up products so I decided to was time to buy a bronzer and I have heard that MUA's bronzer isn't that bad and they are very cheap as well. 

Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder - 3.90
As I said before, I am having trouble with controlling my oily areas so I brought this powder as well. I have heard everyone talking about this product including Tanya Burr, Zoella, Bethany Mota, Miss Budget Beauty and CoutureGirl (blogger) so I thought why not give it a go as it is so cheap. 

Cheap Make Up Store

Rimmel London Eyeshadow Quad 026 & 005 - 2.00
When I found these eyeshadow quads in the discounted make up shop I was so excited that I may have jumped a little. This is because I have heard miss beauty budget say that rimmel london do some of the best eyeshadow from the drugstore so I knew I had to try some. 

Rimmel London Eyeshadow Trio 747 - 2.00
I also picked up a rimmel trio eyeshadow because the colours were amazing and I thought they would create the perfect smoky eye look. Again, I brought this eyeshadow because a lot of bloggers have been talking about rimmel eyeshadows and the packaging is cute and small and perfect for traveling with.

L'oreal Colour Infallible Eyeshadow 012 & 031 - 2.00
I have been wanting these eyeshadow pigments for such a long time and when I found these in the cheap make up store I freaked out and picked up two colours. I picked up 'endless chocolate' and 'innocent turquoise' because I have never tired a light blue eyeshadow and I love a good brown colour eyeshadow. 

Revlon Nail Polish 'Siren' - 1.00
Revlon nail polishes are something that I have never ever tired before so when I spotted this in the store, I grabbed the nail polish. I love the colour because it just screamed summer. It is a perfect coral orange colour and I am really into wearing coral colours at the moment. 

Sally Hansen Colourfast 'Health Nut' & 'Nude N Natural' - 1.00
I thought that Sally Hansen only sold nail polishes but I was wrong and when I discovered these tinted lip balm sticks, I couldn't help myself because I was so interested in them. I have brought a couple of these types of products from other brands such as revlon but because these were just one pound each I picked up two.

Maybelline Hypercosmos Pk-1 - 1.50
Now, I have never ever heard of these eyeshadows before so when they caught my eye I spend about 15 minutes looking and trying to figure what in the world they were and how they are applied. However I believe they are specific to asia but I will be reviewing them soon. 

What have you brought recently from the drugstore? 

Emily <3 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May Make Up Favourites - 2014

It's that time of month when every beauty youtuber and blogger cracks out their monthly favourites. I can hardly believe that may is almost over. For this month's favourites, I decided to only include make up items because I haven't tried any new skin care products, hair products or worn any new clothing items really however I have just brought a lot of skin care products so look out for them soon. Anyway, for now, here's the products I 've been loving recently...

Real Teachniques Expert Face Brush 
My first favourite is a make up brush. Now, I don't think I have ever included a make up brush before but this make up brush has changed the way that I apply my foundation and power. I have heard so many people talking about these brushes but I didn't really see what the hype was about because its just a brush right? I was wrong because they are amazing! I would really recommend that anyone having trouble applying foundation try these brushes. 

Make Up Revolution - Iconic 3 Palette 
This is a new make up brand and believe it or not I have been loving their iconic 3 palette. It is a dupe for the naked 3 palette. It is perfect for a range of pink colours and as you may know I love pink shades so this is the perfect palette for me. It is cheap and very affordable and I would seriously recommend it. I have written a review on it before and you can check it out. 

Make Up Revolution Blush - Sugar 
Another thing from make up revolution. Can you tell I am enjoying this brand? This blush is a peachy colour and I have been using it to create a more natural look and is the perfect size. I have been loving blush this month because it is very pigmented and can easily be blended out if you apply just a touch too much. This costs just one pound which is amazing so go check it out. 

Natural Collection - Frost Shimmer/ Aqua Shimmer 
I have recently discovered this boots own brand and I tried out the eyeshadow duo and it has been amazing. I decided to include this product in my monthly favourites as I have used this almost everyday. I love the fact that there is a light colour and a darker colour and makes it easier to create a smoky eye look. 

MUA Lipstick - Nude
This lipstick has been a must have recently. I have never been one for wearing a nude lip however I decided to try and see if I could pull it off and I believe it or not, I have been loving it. This lipstick cost one pound. 

MUA Power Pout 
Another make up product from MUA. I love wearing this product because it is a balm and lipstick at the same time. It is perfect for an everyday look and believe it or not costs only one pound. It is perfect for carrying around and gives your lips a pink tint.

Nivea Waterproof Mascara
Nivea isn't really known to have great mascaras however I found this one in a cheap make up store and is perfect because it was been raining like crazy this month so I have been really making good use of this mascara. It stays in place all day and the only down side is that I have to really scrub hard to get it off at the end of the day. 

What have you been loving this month?

Emily <3

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Review // Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo

I know I am late to the party on this product but I just had to blog about them. I have only just started to wear make up more daily and I am beginning to love trying out different looks so naturally my make up collection is growing bigger and bigger. One product that I have heard everyone and their mother raving and talking about is the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoos so of course I made a quick stop in my local Boots and picked up these beauties. I wasn't sure what they were or how they worked but I was watching Zoella's Top Highstreet & Drugstore Picks and she talked about these eyeshadows and I thought I would give them a go. 

These colour tattoos are totally worth the hype! They are amazing and I use them so much. They are a cream eyeshadow and to be honest I didn't know the different between cream and power eyeshadows. However I knew that I loved these products after just one use. They don't crease or move during the day and are so easy to apply. I would suggest just forgetting about using a brush and just use your fingers. They are so pigmented and can used as a eyeshadow base or primer or if you are going for a natural look, you can just use them on their own. I have heard a lot of people comparing these to the mac paint pots however I don't own any mac products would you believe so I can't really comment on this and if I am honest, I didn't get the hype around cream eyeshadows and I have mainly been a powder eyeshadow type of girl however these colour tattoos have really changed my views on cream eyeshadow. 

I found the colour tattoos easy to work with, they blend well with other eyeshadows over the top and stays in place for most of the day. They are easy to apply and would be perfect for on the go make up applying if your running late. The packaging is really pretty and makes it look more expensive than it is. The colour tattos come in a glass pot and is the perfect size for picking up and throwing it into your handbag or make up bag. I can't really comment on the 24 hour claim as I haven't tried to wear it for 24 hours but who has? However they do seem to last a long time as when I swatted them, the colour stays on unless I really scrub it off. 

My personal favourite is the 'On and On Bronze' and as the name would suggest is this bronze colour and is perfect for an everyday make up look or can be used along side other eyeshadows to create a smokey eye look. I also own 'Pink Gold' which is a beautiful pink gold colour but is harder to blend and match with other colours. However both of these colour tattoos get regularly use from me and are a make up must have. They are sold at both Boots and Superdrug in the UK and only cost 4.99 pounds which is an amazing price for the quality of the product. If they brought out more neutral colours I would extend my collection. 

Have you tried the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo eyeshadows? 

Emily <3 

Monday, 26 May 2014

Quick Cornwall Getaway

As you may know, I went for a quick family getaway in cornwall. It is an amazing place and just looks so beautiful I took a couple of pictures and I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy...

Emily <3 

Friday, 23 May 2014

Fashion Inspiration // May

Back with another fashion post. I'm not sure why I feel the need to write fashion posts at the moment but let's just go with it. Today I came up with a different type of post. I decided to tell you about a person or celebrity that has been my fashion inspiration this month. I'm sure like most girls, I am inspired by the celebrities that we watch and follow. The person that I have really looked up to for a while in terms of fashion is miss Ashley Tisdale. Most people will know her from High School Musical but I have been in love with her style for ages and ages. I love how her looks cute and chic all the time. I picked some of my favourite looks from her so enjoy...

This is her gym look, however as I am a sport student I spend most of my time in sport gear so this is a perfect look for me.


The perfect look for a relaxaing summer's day with the girls.

This is one of my all time favourite outfits. It is girly and chic and is perfect for summer.

This would be the pefect rainy day outfit. Black on black on black is one of my favourite fashion trends.

Maxi skirts are brillant for chiller summer days and if you don't feel like wearing shorts.

I have been in love with this outfit for years because it just looks so cute and chic and smart all at the same time and I really love the heels that she paired with the outfit.  

That's all for now. It's been a short but sweet post and hopefully you have found some inspiration for your style. I may not be posting for the next couple of days as I am going on a quick family getaway holiday which shall be fun. Talk you all when I return.

Who is your fashion inspiration at the moment?
Emily <3 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Summer Fashion Trends // Floral Patterns

That's right its a fashion post. I feel like it has been a while since I have done a pure fashion post so here we go! It's finally beginning to feel like summer because I am almost done with school (yes!) so I thought I would try and do a summer fashion post. In the last week or so, the weather in the UK has been amazing and I have even cracked out my shorts and this inspired me to have a look at the summer trends and one that caught my eye was floral prints and patterns. Now I know that floral patterns were around last summer but I never really got into it because I didn't know how to style or wear them but this year I am really loving the trend and I have had a peek at a couple websites and there are some cute floral patterns about. I decided to pick one floral pattern for a dress, shorts, top and playsuit and show you guys.

I found this first floral pattern from The reason why I picked this dress is because of the colours. This is because I think that the background colour and the colours of the floral pattern go so well together. I am also a big fan of the mint green colour that this dress has and I think that this dress would be perfect for a date or if you just feel like dressing up. I feel that this dress would be completed perfectly by adding a pair of sandals or heels if you are comfortable wearing them. 

These pair of patterned shorts are amazing. Unfortunately, I don't know where you can find these specific shorts as I found this picture floating around on pinterest, however a lot of shops seem to be selling floral shorts so just have a look at places such as, primark and new look. The reason why I picked these shorts is because of the colour of the flowers. I love this light pink coral colour that they have, and is actually one of my favourite summer nail colours. In this picture, the model has paired the shorts with a plain white top and a pink coral cardigan which I think completes the outfit perfectly. I would add a pair of flip flops or sandals if you walking around a bit. This would be a perfect outfit for a bit of shopping with the girls. This is because it is comfortable yet chic and cute at the same time. 

Next up is a top. This top can be found at and is a different type of top than I would normally wear or recommend but I think that for floral print, button up shirts look rather cute. I like that this shirt has a white background and that the floral pattern is the main focus of the top. I think that the button up style gives it a more sophisticated look and would be ideal for a family dinner or a smart event such as an award dinner. This model has paired the shirt with a pair of jeans but you can swap these for whatever you would like. I would personally add a circle skirt to the outfit to give it a girly touch. Flip flops, sandals or ballet flats would be a great addition to the outfit.  

The final floral item is a playsuit. Every girl needs a playsuit and I think that the floral patterns are incredibly cute and girly. Again, this one is from, do you see a pattern? I love the blue floral pattern and the belt. I feel that the belt is important to maintain the body structure. This would be a perfect outfit for anything really because you can move freely and looks smarter than wearing jean shorts. You could wear it to a lunch date, the beach or even the movies. I feel that sandals or converse would  go with the playsuit brilliantly. 

Have you worn any floral pattern clothing items recently?

Emily <3 

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