Saturday, 31 May 2014

A New Eyeshadow Find // Natural Collection

If there is one thing that I love trying out it's eyeshadow and I have recently discovered a new eyeshadow duo that I have been using non stop. This eyeshadow duo comes from a brand called Natural Collection and is a low budget make up brand and is sold in boots. I love trying out different budget brands and I just recently noticed that my local boots sells Natural Collection products so I have brought a few different things to try out.

When I walked over to the Natural Collection stand, the first thing I noticed was the pricing of the products. They are so affortable and they have such a large range of products. However what caught my eye was this eyeshadow duo in Frost Shimmer/ Aqua Shimmer. The reason as to why I picked this eyeshadow up is because it has a lighter shade and a darker shade which is perfect for traveling and the colours also blend well together. This eyeshadow duo cost 1.99 pound and you can't really go wrong with that. 

The eyeshadow comes in a white tub with a plastic see through lid which looks and feels cheap but you can't expect much for the price. This eyeshadow comes with two different colours and the tub is split in half so you have equal amounts of both. Both of the eyeshadows have a buttery like texture to them and blend well together. I believe that the lighter colour is designed to be blended up into the brow bone and the darker colour is designed to be put on the lid. This creates a very natural yet cute look and is perfect for an everyday school make up look. I put on an eye primer before applying the eyeshadows, however towards the end of the day, they did begin to fade. 

Have you tried any Natural Collection Eyeshadows? 

Emily <3

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