Wednesday, 28 May 2014

May Make Up Favourites - 2014

It's that time of month when every beauty youtuber and blogger cracks out their monthly favourites. I can hardly believe that may is almost over. For this month's favourites, I decided to only include make up items because I haven't tried any new skin care products, hair products or worn any new clothing items really however I have just brought a lot of skin care products so look out for them soon. Anyway, for now, here's the products I 've been loving recently...

Real Teachniques Expert Face Brush 
My first favourite is a make up brush. Now, I don't think I have ever included a make up brush before but this make up brush has changed the way that I apply my foundation and power. I have heard so many people talking about these brushes but I didn't really see what the hype was about because its just a brush right? I was wrong because they are amazing! I would really recommend that anyone having trouble applying foundation try these brushes. 

Make Up Revolution - Iconic 3 Palette 
This is a new make up brand and believe it or not I have been loving their iconic 3 palette. It is a dupe for the naked 3 palette. It is perfect for a range of pink colours and as you may know I love pink shades so this is the perfect palette for me. It is cheap and very affordable and I would seriously recommend it. I have written a review on it before and you can check it out. 

Make Up Revolution Blush - Sugar 
Another thing from make up revolution. Can you tell I am enjoying this brand? This blush is a peachy colour and I have been using it to create a more natural look and is the perfect size. I have been loving blush this month because it is very pigmented and can easily be blended out if you apply just a touch too much. This costs just one pound which is amazing so go check it out. 

Natural Collection - Frost Shimmer/ Aqua Shimmer 
I have recently discovered this boots own brand and I tried out the eyeshadow duo and it has been amazing. I decided to include this product in my monthly favourites as I have used this almost everyday. I love the fact that there is a light colour and a darker colour and makes it easier to create a smoky eye look. 

MUA Lipstick - Nude
This lipstick has been a must have recently. I have never been one for wearing a nude lip however I decided to try and see if I could pull it off and I believe it or not, I have been loving it. This lipstick cost one pound. 

MUA Power Pout 
Another make up product from MUA. I love wearing this product because it is a balm and lipstick at the same time. It is perfect for an everyday look and believe it or not costs only one pound. It is perfect for carrying around and gives your lips a pink tint.

Nivea Waterproof Mascara
Nivea isn't really known to have great mascaras however I found this one in a cheap make up store and is perfect because it was been raining like crazy this month so I have been really making good use of this mascara. It stays in place all day and the only down side is that I have to really scrub hard to get it off at the end of the day. 

What have you been loving this month?

Emily <3

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