Friday, 30 May 2014

Miss Sporty So Matte Perfect Stay Foundation

Today's post is about a foundation. I have said a number of times before that I hardly ever wear foundation, however I have been trying out this foundation for the last month or so and I felt that it was time to review it. This foundation comes from a fairly overlooked brand called Miss Sporty and is generally known for younger girls or people who are beginning to wear make up. I first heard about this product when I was watching miss budget beauty's video about drugstore foundations and I decided to pick it up when I was in superdrug. When I first brought this foundation, I didn't think that I would really like it and that it would just sit in the room but still brought it to try out a foundation but that wasn't the case. In fact I have been using this over my BB creams and this is because it is a matte foundation and at the time I didn't know what matte foundation was but it has been a lifesaver. This is because I have been having trouble with oil control recently and I haven't had time to pop out and grab a powder as I live in a small village without a drugstore so I had to use this foundation to stop my face from becoming a shiny disco ball. 

This foundation comes in a plastic bottle with a pump and contains 30ml of product. I love the fact that it has a pump on it as other foundations I own don't have a pump so I end up pouring it all over the place! Another thing that is great about this foundation is that it doesn't end up being orange unlike many other drugstore foundations. It has a moussey texture to it but applies and blends like a liquid. This foundation is heavy but doesn't feel heavy when applied which is great. The coverage is light to medium but still evens out the skin tone and covers red areas. I would recommend this foundation for good skin days when you don't want a heavy full coverage foundation. However one downside to this foundation is that it dries quickly. This means that it doesn't blend very well and I wouldn't suggest that you just pour it out and put foundation all over your face because it will just dry up. Because of this I would recommend you just do one area at a time. I would not recommend this foundation for people with dry skin as it may stick to the dry areas. 

This foundation claims to give a flawless and healthy looking complexion and if I am honest, I don't think that it really gives a complete flawless look however it does make me look healthy. Now this foundation says that it lasts for up to 14 hours, but I don't think I have ever worn this foundation for 14 hours straight, mainly because I put it on in the morning and when I come back from school I often take it off so I can't really comment on this, but it does begin to fade and disappear towards the end of the day. The Miss Sporty foundation is also meant to control shiny zones and provide a matte affect and I believe that it does this really well. Every other foundation and BB cream I have used has made me shiny and I often have to powder over the top, but not this foundation. I often don't bother with powder if I am using this foundation and this is why I often chose this foundation if I am in a rush or don't want to be wearing powder or if I am going to be walking around a lot. 

It also claims to be a lightweight texture which doesn't clog pores and allows skin to breath. I think that the reason I have been getting along with this foundation so well is because it doesn't feel like I am wearing any foundation which is a must have for me. I don't think that it clogs my pores because stops me from becoming shinny throughout the day. It also transfers really well into my skin and gives a soft and smooth feeling. This foundation is meant to create perfectly balanced skin which I can agree with because it spreads evenly over my skin. Miss Sporty So Matte foundation is designed to have vitamins A, C and E which is a plus and helps to improve the look of your skin. 

My foundation is in the colour 002 light which isn't the lightest colour they sell and I personally think that it is a touch too dark for me but during the summer it should be fine. I believe that this foundation costs 3.49 pounds which is an amazing price for a drugstore foundation. This foundation is sold in boots and superdug and for the price is worth trying. 

Have you used this foundation before? What did you think?

Emily <3

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