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Online Shopping // My Favorite Places

If there is one thing that I love in life, its shopping. However I have serious social anxiety and don't do well in crowded places so when I discovered online shopping, my life was complete. I normally spend hours just scrolling through pages of products. I use online shopping to buy almost anything these days. This could include make up, clothing, shoes handbags and candles. I love online shopping because you can do it at anytime of day and normally the shop online also has a better selection as well. I am normally in sweatpants with tea whist doing online shopping and today I thought I would share with you my favorite places to shop online at the moment.

In case the logo didn't give it away, my first place I love to shop is I shall leave all the links to the websites at the bottom of the post. is an amazing website and sells clothes at such an amazing price. I personally love to shop for dresses at because they always seem to have such amazing and pretty dresses. They have dresses for everyone and anyone. Whether its long, short, pink or black, they are going to have it. Of course they also sell other items such as short, jeans, tops, shoes and handbags.

If you excuse the other tabs (yes I was listening to Lana Del Rey), you can see that they website is nicely formatted and laid out and is easy to see everything. On the left hand side, they have a tick boxes to help narrow down your search to make it quicker to find what you want. They have a range of shipping options and can ship to a range of places. They often have deals on such as free deliver if you spend over a certain amount of money. Oh and has amazing clearance items so go check it out.

The next place I often find myself shopping at is Now, I believe that this is just a UK website, so I am sorry if you don't live in the UK. However this website supplies so many things. They have clothes for women, male and children, sports wear, home and garden, electrical items such as tvs, beauty, games and dvds. Yes I know that is alot of things. Now this website can sometimes be a bit scary and overbearing, however if you know what you want and where it go then you should be alright.  I normally use this website to buy shoes and other brands such as NYX, OPI.

As you can see from the screenshot, the website has a toolbar at the top of the page so that you can find the product you want easier. This website sells a lot of different brands but they don't always sell a lot from every brand through. So they might sell NYX products, but they don't sell may of their lipglosses. If I was you, I would just have a scroll around and see what they have.

Yep Asos. This a very well known brand in the fashion blogging world and is a pretty amazing website. One thing that really draws me to is the fact that they have free deliver. I mean, what more can you ask for. Again I love because they supply a number of different brands such as wildfox and new look. Asos has a range of prices, ranging from their own brand which is cheap to other high end brands. One thing I have noticed about this website recently is that they supply Primark clothing. However I have just checked and they don't currently stock them but trust me they have done in the past so they may in the future. 

This website is again set out well and is fairly easy to use. If you are shopping for a women then just go to the women button in the top left hand side and same for the men. also have a marketplace selection, which is where people can sell their old or unwanted clothes. I normally use to buy bags, shoes and dresses and tops. I would recommend that you take your time just scrolling to find the best deals and it can often help to put the items in price order if you are not wanted to spend your whole bank account.

As the name might suggest, this is beauty website. They supply a range of brands such as Urban Decay, OPI, Essie and brands that I have never ever heard of. Yep, it's that type of website. I believe that they have free delivery which is what really draws me to this website and they have a massive range of products which I really love and often the products aren't sold in highstreet shops in the UK or if they do I don't live anywhere near one. 

From this screenshot, you can see that it is easy to use and has a search bar at the top so you can search for specific products. Items that I normally buy include eye primers, OPI nail polishes and Essie nail polishes. You can also shop by brand which is helpful if you want to see what a certain brand has to offer. 

Of course I had to include Ebay in this post. Everyone uses Ebay because it is so good for finding bargains on loads of different things. Seriously, if you haven't used this website before, where have you been?! You can buy and sell things and is perfect for people who want second hand things such as high end handbags, make up and shoes. 

This website is easy to use and has a search bar at the top to search for products. I would say that you should read reviews the products if other people have brought the same thing because you might think that the product is a different size or the quality may be poor. Also check their percentage of positive feedback to see if their previous customers were pleased with their products because if they weren't it isn't a good sign. 


Where do you like to shop online?

Emily <3 

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