Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Review // Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo

I know I am late to the party on this product but I just had to blog about them. I have only just started to wear make up more daily and I am beginning to love trying out different looks so naturally my make up collection is growing bigger and bigger. One product that I have heard everyone and their mother raving and talking about is the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoos so of course I made a quick stop in my local Boots and picked up these beauties. I wasn't sure what they were or how they worked but I was watching Zoella's Top Highstreet & Drugstore Picks and she talked about these eyeshadows and I thought I would give them a go. 

These colour tattoos are totally worth the hype! They are amazing and I use them so much. They are a cream eyeshadow and to be honest I didn't know the different between cream and power eyeshadows. However I knew that I loved these products after just one use. They don't crease or move during the day and are so easy to apply. I would suggest just forgetting about using a brush and just use your fingers. They are so pigmented and can used as a eyeshadow base or primer or if you are going for a natural look, you can just use them on their own. I have heard a lot of people comparing these to the mac paint pots however I don't own any mac products would you believe so I can't really comment on this and if I am honest, I didn't get the hype around cream eyeshadows and I have mainly been a powder eyeshadow type of girl however these colour tattoos have really changed my views on cream eyeshadow. 

I found the colour tattoos easy to work with, they blend well with other eyeshadows over the top and stays in place for most of the day. They are easy to apply and would be perfect for on the go make up applying if your running late. The packaging is really pretty and makes it look more expensive than it is. The colour tattos come in a glass pot and is the perfect size for picking up and throwing it into your handbag or make up bag. I can't really comment on the 24 hour claim as I haven't tried to wear it for 24 hours but who has? However they do seem to last a long time as when I swatted them, the colour stays on unless I really scrub it off. 

My personal favourite is the 'On and On Bronze' and as the name would suggest is this bronze colour and is perfect for an everyday make up look or can be used along side other eyeshadows to create a smokey eye look. I also own 'Pink Gold' which is a beautiful pink gold colour but is harder to blend and match with other colours. However both of these colour tattoos get regularly use from me and are a make up must have. They are sold at both Boots and Superdrug in the UK and only cost 4.99 pounds which is an amazing price for the quality of the product. If they brought out more neutral colours I would extend my collection. 

Have you tried the Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo eyeshadows? 

Emily <3 

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