Thursday, 22 May 2014

Summer Fashion Trends // Floral Patterns

That's right its a fashion post. I feel like it has been a while since I have done a pure fashion post so here we go! It's finally beginning to feel like summer because I am almost done with school (yes!) so I thought I would try and do a summer fashion post. In the last week or so, the weather in the UK has been amazing and I have even cracked out my shorts and this inspired me to have a look at the summer trends and one that caught my eye was floral prints and patterns. Now I know that floral patterns were around last summer but I never really got into it because I didn't know how to style or wear them but this year I am really loving the trend and I have had a peek at a couple websites and there are some cute floral patterns about. I decided to pick one floral pattern for a dress, shorts, top and playsuit and show you guys.

I found this first floral pattern from The reason why I picked this dress is because of the colours. This is because I think that the background colour and the colours of the floral pattern go so well together. I am also a big fan of the mint green colour that this dress has and I think that this dress would be perfect for a date or if you just feel like dressing up. I feel that this dress would be completed perfectly by adding a pair of sandals or heels if you are comfortable wearing them. 

These pair of patterned shorts are amazing. Unfortunately, I don't know where you can find these specific shorts as I found this picture floating around on pinterest, however a lot of shops seem to be selling floral shorts so just have a look at places such as, primark and new look. The reason why I picked these shorts is because of the colour of the flowers. I love this light pink coral colour that they have, and is actually one of my favourite summer nail colours. In this picture, the model has paired the shorts with a plain white top and a pink coral cardigan which I think completes the outfit perfectly. I would add a pair of flip flops or sandals if you walking around a bit. This would be a perfect outfit for a bit of shopping with the girls. This is because it is comfortable yet chic and cute at the same time. 

Next up is a top. This top can be found at and is a different type of top than I would normally wear or recommend but I think that for floral print, button up shirts look rather cute. I like that this shirt has a white background and that the floral pattern is the main focus of the top. I think that the button up style gives it a more sophisticated look and would be ideal for a family dinner or a smart event such as an award dinner. This model has paired the shirt with a pair of jeans but you can swap these for whatever you would like. I would personally add a circle skirt to the outfit to give it a girly touch. Flip flops, sandals or ballet flats would be a great addition to the outfit.  

The final floral item is a playsuit. Every girl needs a playsuit and I think that the floral patterns are incredibly cute and girly. Again, this one is from, do you see a pattern? I love the blue floral pattern and the belt. I feel that the belt is important to maintain the body structure. This would be a perfect outfit for anything really because you can move freely and looks smarter than wearing jean shorts. You could wear it to a lunch date, the beach or even the movies. I feel that sandals or converse would  go with the playsuit brilliantly. 

Have you worn any floral pattern clothing items recently?

Emily <3 

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