Monday, 5 May 2014

Why Not Try Mint Green?

One of my favourite colours at the moment is mint green and I own so much mint green it's getting to be a problem and today I thought I would show you all a selection of the mint green items. I feel that mint  green is a perfect colour for spring and summer time because it is such a bright and fun colour. I own a lot of mint green from skirts to nail polishes.

These are a beautiful pair of mint green cut off shorts which I brought from none other than Primark. Yep Primark. They are very short but never the less they are cute and perfect for the summer and you could always pair tights with them if you wish.

My next mint green item is a pair of shoes. These are an amazing pair of mint green tennis shoes brought from Primark as well. I feel that these are perfect for pairing with the shorts and are great for walking about in. 

This is my current wallet and is of course mint green. I brought this wallet from a little shop near me and I love it. I have had this wallet for years and years and is beginning to become a bit worn but I will continue to use this wallet until I find another mint green wallet as good as this. 

These are my mint green nail polishes and I love them all. 

Left: China Glaze - aquadelic (1032)

Middle Left: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Greenberry (324)

Middle Right: Essie - mint candy apple

Right: Rimmel London - Pear Drop (703)

The final item in my mint green selection is a mint green shirt. This is from New Look and I looked high and low for a mint green shirt to complete my collection and I was so excited when I found this shirt. That completes my selection of mint green items. I hope that you have enjoyed this post. Comment below telling me if you like mint green and what are your favourite items. 

Emily <3

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