Sunday, 8 June 2014

A New Favourite Lipgloss // Crystal Crush

I have just found a new lipgloss that has become a new favourite of mine. Recently I brought a load of different Miners products and one of these products was the Crystal Crush in Diamond Dust. This lipgloss is meant to be a light reflecting lipgloss because it has tiny little glitter particles inside. I wasn't sure about the glitter particles but when I applied it to my lips this morning I was so shocked. This was because it didn't look glittery and just gives this glossy look. Diamond Dust is this beautiful coral colour but it is a shear colour which is perfect for a natural look, The lipgloss isn't sticky which is great and doesn't feel at all heavy. I will be using this lipgloss a lot more in the future and even through I want to save up for Nars or Mac products, I really want to buy the rest of the colours.

What's your current lipgloss?

Emily <3 

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