Sunday, 29 June 2014

June Beauty Favourites

I can't believe that June is basically over because that means summer is half way over! I have had such an eventful month because I finished college and really got into blogging more. As the end of the month comes around, monthly favourites pop up and I decided to gather up my beauty favourites from this month. I have a selection of make up products and a couple of skincare products which makes a change. If your interested in what beauty items I have been using during the month of June then keep reading. 

I am going to kick off this month's favourites with a skincare product and it's the Simple Facial Toner. I have recently done a whole post about Simple as a brand so check that out if you want to know more about them but I have been using this facial toner non stop. I use it in the morning to refresh my skin and to wake me up however I also use it in the evening to get the last bits of make up off after I have used my cleanser. 

The other skincare product that I have been loving this month has been this body lotion and if you have dry legs, you need to get this because it is just amazing. I use this twice a week because it can take a while to dry so I don't always have the time to sit around waiting for the lotion to dry. However this is such a good lotion because it smooth and creamy not to mention it smells amazing. 

The nail polish that I have been wearing a lot during June was Rimmel's Loafer Love For You' which is this dark blue almost indigo colour and is perfect for the summer time. I have been wearing this on my fingers and toes and doesn't chip much at time which is great. 

The next beauty product is from Miners and is their bronzer and blusher blend. I know that the thought of a bronzer and blusher sounds strange but it is perfect for people who are starting out in make up and might be scared of using bronzer because it is a blend of both and creates this healthy glow. It does have some shimmer to it but it is hardly noticeable when you apply it to your face. I love using because it gives a healthy look and creates this rosy glow and I have been using this almost everyday this month.

This product has been a must have this month because the weather has been getting hotter and that means I am more oily. This pressed powder from Seventeen has been a life saver and controls my oils and shin really well and lasts for a long time. I had an award evening a couple of weeks ago and I apply this and at the end of the evening I wasn't shinny at all and didn't have to reapply. 

The first lip product that I have been using a lot recently is this NYC Lip Balm which I haven't heard a lot of people talking about but I brought it on sale and I have really been enjoying it and gives the right amount of colour for those days when you don't want to be wearing a heavy lipstick. I love wearing this on days when I am just go food shopping or sitting in my garden because it gives a shear wash of red to your lips. 

Another Miners product, I am really loving their products lately and more specific I have been loving their 'the matte factor' lip paints. These are basically moistrurising lip stains and I can't get enough of them because they smell amazing and last for such a long time. I went out with some of my friends the other night for dinner and I worn this and it didn't move at all and didn't need reapplying. 

That's every beauty product that I have been loving this month and I will be doing a non-beauty favourites post as well so look out for that. I hope that this has been interesting and I hope you had a great June. 

What have your beauty favourites been for June?

Emily <3 


  1. soap and glory products are so good arent they! i love my body butter! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. Hi, thanks for reading! I love soap and glory stuff cos it smells so good! :D

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