Monday, 16 June 2014

Maybelline Hypercosmos Eyeshadow Review

'Two posts in one day, what's happened?' might be what your thinking but I am now enjoying the sun and on my summer holidays so I thought I would do a review for you all. I have brought so many eyeshadows recently and I have been trying them out and I decided it was about time that I reviewed them and told you all what I thought. The eyeshadows that are being reviewed today are the Maybelline Hypercosmos eyeshadows in PK-1 and BU-1. If you read my huge beauty haul then you may know that I found these eyeshadows at a cheap make up store and I believe that these eyeshadows are actually from Asia and may only be available in Asia but I still wanted to try and review these because they look interesting and I have never seen anything like this before. 

Each eyeshadow comes with two colours which makes it a eyeshadow duo and is meant to create a marble effect. However the colours could be applied singularly or mixed together and can create different effects. The packaging of the eyeshadow duos is compact and easy for putting into your handbag but doesn't come with a brush. The top of the case just pops off and also clicks back together perfect and wouldn't spill out in your make up bag. 

BU-1 has two colours to it and on the left side is the sky blue colour and on the right side is the marble colour that gives this faint lilac brown colour. These colours would be perfect for a summer look and makes me want to channel my inner mermaid from my childhood! However the pigmentation isn't great and I had to three coat to get this swatch to show up and when I tried it on my eye lids, I had to apply couple of layers which isn't great because it makes it look and feel heavier. I worn this for the whole day and when I looked in the mirror to take off my make up at night, the eyeshadow had basically disappeared which is a bit disappointing. I have researched this product and looked at some different reviews and some people say that it lasted for the whole day so I am not sure if its me and my oily eye lids or my eye primer. 

PK-1 is a pink shade which I really like and contains a coral pinky tone on the left side and on the right is a light pink shade. When I picked up this eyeshadow I was really excited to try it out as it contains my two favourite colours. When I applied this eyeshadow it was buttery and blended well and actually suited my skin tone and eye colour which was nice. However this eyeshadow also had the same problem of not staying on my eyes lids and ended up sitting in the crease which is annoying. 

Pigmentation - 6/10
Staying Power - 4/10
Packaging - 8/10
Overall - 5/10

I really wanted to like this product however it didn't turn out as I wanted but I will be trying these out again to try and find a way of wearing them. Unfortunately, I don't think that they are available in the UK and US but you may be able to get your hands on one if you look on amazon or ebay.

Have you tried these Hypercosmos Eyeshadows before?

Emily <3 

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