Friday, 6 June 2014

Mini Miners Haul

I have recently discovered another make up brand that is new to me and is called Miners. Now, I haven't heard a lot about this brand however I was watching Miss Budget Beauty's make up collections videos and I saw different miners products and I knew that I had seen these products before but I wasn't sure where and then it hit me that my local supermarket sold them! This is amazing for me because I live in a small village far away from any drugstores so often I have to do online shopping. When I realised that my local supermarket sold Miners products I rushed down to check them out and I am kicking myself for taking this long to notice them and try them out. I picked up a couple of products while I was there and I thought I would show you guys as I haven't heard many other beauty bloggers or youtubers talking about them. 

When I spotted the Miners stand, the first product I knew I had to pick up was this bronzer and blusher blend that Miss Budget Beauty continues to rave about in a lot of her videos so I thought I had to try it out. Another reason as to why I picked this up is because I have been too scared to wear bronzers in the past so I thought this would be the perfect product to get me into wearing bronzer more and could also be used to highlight as well. This bronzer and blusher blend costs 4.99 pounds which isn't that cheap but its two products in one so its worth it and hopefully I will be reviewing this soon. 

I also brought two lipsticks and this is the first one that I picked up. They have three different ranges which are matte affect, moisture effect and normal lipsticks. I picked up this moisture effect in English Rose and is this amazing baby pink colour and is actually my first pink lipstick which is weird because I am such a pink person. This lipstick also happens to be Miss Budget Beauty's favourite lipstick from this range as well. I believe that it costs 3.99 pounds which isn't that bad and there are lipsticks in the drugstore that cost more. 

The other lipstick that I picked up was a matte effect one and is called wonderland. It is this coral pink colour and I thought that it would be great for wearing during the summer time and I just wanted to add that all of the lip products smell so good! I own a bright orange lipstick but I never ever wear so I thought if I got a coral colour lipstick I might wear it more. This lipstick also costs 3.99 pounds which is cheaper than the Rimmel London Kate Moss lipsticks that I also love. 

I brought yet another lip product because I just couldn't help myself and this is a Crystal Crush Light Reflecting Lipgloss in Diamond dust. I am not that sure about light reflecting lipgloss if I am honest however it was on sale for 1.99 reduced from 3.99 so I couldn't help myself. I am going to give this product a try to see what it is like. 

The last product I am going to talk about is another one that I was so excited about trying and is the matte factor lip paint in peach. I have heard people compare these to the collection cream puff lipglosses and I brought one in candyfloss but when I got home it had been opened and used as a tested which is annoying so I thought I would give the matte factor lip paints a go instead. This lip paint smells so good and makes me want to eat it! 

Thats everything that I brought from Miners and I am still so shocked that I have never noticed this brand before because the prices are so good and reasonable when compared to other brands in the drugstore. I will hopefully review most if not all of the products in the near future after I have used them. As for getting your hands on these products, I don't that there is a specific place that these products are sold in and therefore they can be hard to buy however they do have a website that you can order from; 

Have you ever tried any Miners Products?

Emily <3 

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