Saturday, 14 June 2014

My First Ever Elf Haul

I finally did it and placed an order on Elf and it arrived! I am so excited about these babies and I thought I would haul the products that I got. I didn't order that much because I wasn't sure what I wanted and I have heard mixed reviews about the different products. If you want to know what I ordered, here we go...

Elf Studio Single Eyeshadow 'Butter Cream' 
When I went onto the website to order, I knew that I really wanted to try out their eyeshadows because I love eyeshadow and I basically collect different eyeshadows. This one is called butter cream and I heard a couple of different youtubers talking about it and I thought why not give it a go. I brought this eyeshadow for 3.99 which isn't cheap but the packaging is amazing and really cute.

Elf Studio Single Eyeshadow 'Saddle'
I brought another single eyeshadow but I went for a darker shade and is called saddle. I decided to try this eyeshadow because it is a matte eyeshadow and looked perfect for creating a smoky look and I generally go for darker eyeshadows as I have brown eyes and I feel that it suits my eyes better. 

Elf Studio Single Eyeshadow 'Raspberry Truffle' 
I brought another eyeshadow because it was on a 3 for 2 offer and I couldn't stop myself. I picked a darker berry colour and I thought it would be perfect for winter time and I know its summer time but I thought I would save it for later.

Elf Studio Blush 'Candid Coral'
I also picked up a blush because I have heard a lot of good reviews about these blushers and particularly this one. I watched Miss Budget Beauty's bronzer and blusher collection video and I heard her talking about this one and I thought I would pick it up. 

Elf Hypershine Lipgloss 'Bubblegum' 
The last thing I picked up was a lipgloss and I choose the hypershine lipgloss. This is because I heard about these products from Miss Budget Beauty and I am really into lipgloss at the moment and I wanted to try a Elf Lipgloss. 

Have you tried any Elf products before?

Emily <3 

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