Thursday, 12 June 2014

Products I Use To Remove Make Up

I thought I would show you guys what products I use to take off my make up at the end of the day. As I am new to make up, I wasn't sure how to remove make up so I did some research into products to use and went into superdrug and boots to find some products. I found this task quite hard as I have sensitive skin and therefore I had to be careful to pick products that wouldn't break me out or cause redness. When I first started using make up, I actually just used wipes to remove the make up, however I came across Caroline Hirons beauty and skincare blog and that is when I really learnt about how to take care of your skin. However I have finally found some products that takes off all my make up so here they are...

The first thing I use at the end of the day when I need or want to take off my make up, is the Nivea sensitive cleansing milk.  I would recommend using a cleansing milk or balm to remove the main part of your make up. I just use this cleanisng milk because it is cheap and I find that Nivea products are normally gently on my skin. I just pour some of the product onto my hand and then massage it into my face and then rinse with water. I have only recently started to use this product so I can't fully review it, but from first impressions, it is good and removes about 80% of the make up. 

After I have used the cleanser, I normally use this Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Make Up Remover to remove any mascara or eyeshadow that the cleanser didn't get off. I have done a previous blog post about this product and I have been using this product for a while. This make up remover is good at taking off waterproof mascara and is very sensitive. 

The last step to taking of the make up is the Simple Kind To Skin Soothing Facial Toner. Simple is another brand that I like to use because it is cheap and is perfect for sensitive skin. I use this toner to refresh the skin and insure that the rest of the make up is off the face and I also use this in the morning before putting make up on. I apply this by pour a bit onto a cotton wool pad and then just wiping it upwards. 

What products do you use to take off your make up?

Emily <3 

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