Sunday, 22 June 2014

Real Technique Dupes ?

You know when your casually scrolling through ebay or amazon and you come across something that you have wanted for the longest time and then you buy it without thinking twice? Well this happened to me the another day because I found these amazing make up brushes which dare I say are just as good as the real technique brushes. 

The first make up brushes I ever brought were Superdrug own brand ones because they were so cheap but they weren't every good and when I did some research about makeup brushes I heard a lot of people talking the real technique brushes, so I went out to boots to pick up couple and I have to agree that they are amazing but they aren't that cheap so I went online to see if I could find similar brushes that were cheaper and this is where these brushes come in. 

These are a makeup brush set that contains a tapered, round, angled and flat brush and they were only 5.99. I found these on amazon but I checked and ebay sell them as well. The tapered brush would be great for blending concealer in the harder areas such as around the eyes, nose and chin. I think that round blush is perfect for applying eyeshadow with because it gets into the crease and blends nicely as well. The angled brush would be good for applying concealer to the sides of the nose and the hollows of the cheeks. The flat brush is good for applying concealer on smaller places such as sports and blemishes if you have any. 

The quality of these brushes are amazing and they are very soft and lovely to touch. These are also made from synthetic fibres. However they did smell of plastic when they first arrived but after one wash  the smell went and there was no fall out and when I used them, they blended well and felt soft on the eye lids. I would say that the round brush is a great dupe for the real techniques shading brush. If your looking for some cheaper makeup brushes I would seriously recommend that you give these brushes a try because they great for the cheap price.

Have you ever tried amazon or ebay brushes before?

Emily <3 

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