Sunday, 1 June 2014

Review // MUA Blusher Bon Bon

I have been loving a new blush recently and its the MUA powder blusher in Bon Bon. When I first started getting into make up, I had this mindset that every make up product that was cheap wasn't very good however since discovering MUA (make up academy) I no longer think like that. I have heard so much hype around their blushers so of course I had to try them. One blusher shade that I have been loving recently and is perfect summer colour is Bon Bon. It is described as warm apricot shade and from the packaging that it what it looks like. However when it is applied to the face, it has this coral pink colour that I am obsessed with. 

The packaging of the product is fairly cheap however the blusher only cost one pound so you can't really expect great packaging. However it does make it harder to apply with a brush because it is a rectangle like shape and I would prefer if they made them in a circle packaging. The pigmentation of the blusher is amazing and it actually shocked me because I wasn't expecting the blush to be so good and therefore I went a bit crazy and brought more blushers from MUA which hopefully I will be reviewing and writing about soon! Another reason why I love these blushers so much is that they are thin and therefore travel friendly. 

The packaging for this blusher is sturdy which means that you can put it in your make up bag and not worry about it breaking. When I first opened up the blush, I wasn't so sure of the texture of the blush however it was smooth and that is a must have and applied really well onto face. This blusher also blends really well and if you apply a bit to much you can always blend it out with foundation or powder. It is a quite pigmented, so if your heavy handed, just be careful! This blusher doesn't have shimmer to it either which is a bonus for me because I normally end up looking like a disco ball if I wear shimmer.

As much as I love this blusher, there are a couple of down sides. One of these down sides is that the packaging could be a bit better. This is because it could be in a circle to make it easier to get the brush to grab product better. The texture can also be a bit chalky at times and had some fall out if the brush is not tapped off before applying. The blushers are also delicate and could easily break and smash if dropped. However overall I think that it is a great blush and worth the one pound that it costs so go try it! 

Have you tried any MUA blushers recently? 

Emily <3 

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