Thursday, 5 June 2014

Sally Hansen Colourfast Tint & Moisture Balm // First Impression

(Healthy Nut)

(Nude N' Natural)

I have decided that I would try another type today because I have recently brought a couple of the Sally Hansen Colourfast Tint & Moisture Balms and I thought I would do a first impression for you. I brought two of these Sally Hansen Colourfasts in Healthy Nut and Nude N' Natural because I was so excited about trying them. I had such high hopes for these products and was so excited to try them out however when it came to wearing them, they were a bit disappointing. I love the Revlon Colourburst so when I saw these tint and moisture balms I thought I had found an amazing deal but they have been a let down. These products are meant to instantly hydrate your lips however I think that if anything, they made my lips worse. I am not sure whether it was the state that my lips were in before or the actual product but after about an hour of wearing it, it made my lips look dead and really showed any dead skin on my lips. This was not the look I was going for. 

On the website, it says that it makes the lips softer and smoother and I can't really agree with it because it drys after awhile. It is meant to visually improve lip condition and texture and again I can't agree because it made my lips look dead and dried out. However, on the website it also says it doesn't feather or bleed and I can agree with this because it stays in place and on your lips. The product also claims to hydrate, comfort and sooth dry lips but personally I haven't seen a different which is disappointing. This colourfast tint balm is also rather sticky which is something that I can not stand because my lips stick together and my hair gets stuck to my lips and even when a tested it on my hand it felt sticky. However the smell of the tint and moisture balm is amazing and is what made me want to buy in the shop and the balm applies well. Overall I wasn't too impressed with this product but I will try to continue to use this product to see if there is a way to make it work. 

Have you tried these products before? What were your first impressions?

Emily <3 

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