Friday, 13 June 2014

Summer Candle Haul

One thing I love doing is burning candles and because summer is finally here, I thought it was about time I went out and brought some more summer candles. I don't really buy candles a lot, I just buy a load of candles in one go and because I have finally finished up all of my christmas candles (yes, I got given so many christmas candles!), I treated myself to some new more summer smelling ones. I normally buy my candles from an outlet shopping centre near me so the candles are often discounted and therefore I buy more candles. I thought that since I have loaded up on candles I would show you what candles I brought...


I love yankee candles so of couse I picked up a couple of them. I picked up Summer Scoop which is a fruity berry smelling candle and vanilla cupcake which is a sweeter type of smell. The summer scoop candle cost 4 pounds and the vanilla cupcake cost 3 pounds. 


I also picked up three of the smaller tester candles from yankee candle because I have a candle holder. I picked up pink dragon fruit which smells fruity and sweet strawberry which smell sweet and november rain which smells refreshing and amazing. These all cost 99 pence which is an amazing price and they all have a strong smell. 


The last candle I brought was from a company called Village Candle and I have never ever heard of them before and if I am honest they look like they copied Yankee Candle with their packaging and scents however I still picked up this candle called Tropical Getaway because it smells so good and makes me feel like I am on holiday. 

Have you brought any candles recently?

Emily <3 

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