Saturday, 7 June 2014

Summer Essentials // Powder & BB Cream

 As summer is quickly arriving, I decided to write a post about my summer essential base products. I will be doing a whole series of posts about different products that are essentials as well. However today's post is about the base products that I feel are a must have for me. I am not a person to coat their face in heavy foundation so just bear that in mind. One of my summer essentials is matte powder. I feel that this product is very important for summer because it controls the shine and gives a matte finish. My second summer essential is BB cream. This is because I find that BB creams are much easier to wear during the summer rather than a heavy foundation and give a lighter more natural look. I thought I would show you all a couple of different powders and bb creams that I have using a lot recently. 

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder
The first powder is the seventeen miracle matte pressed powder and is one of my favourite powders. It claims to have up to 16 hours of shine control and is oil free. This powder is very cheap and can be brought from boots. This pressed powder is perfect for traveling with because it comes with a mirror and pad to apply the powder with. 

Natural Collection Pressed Powder
The second powder comes from natural collection and is their pressed powder in neutral. This powder claims to reduce shine to give a matte finish to the skin. I like to keep this powder in my handbag for touch ups during the day. This pressed powder is so cheap and I believe it costs 1.99 which is amazing. 

Rimmel London Stay Matte 
My last powder is the Rimmel London Stay Matte powder in transparent and this is a powder that everyone talks about. I really like using this powder and is perfect for a natural look. I think that this product is worth the hype because it is so amazing and really controls my oily areas. 

Rimmel London BB Cream 
The first BB cream that is a must have for summer is the Rimmel London BB Cream. This is because it is a light coverage and also has SPF 25 which is perfect for protecting your face against the sun. It also feels light on the skin and this is important for me because I don't really want to be wearing foundation if I am having a good skin day. 

Miss Sporty Morning Baby BB Cream
My other favourite BB cream I like to use during the summer is the Miss Sporty Morning Baby BB cream. I love this bb cream because it wears for up to 14 hours and is light and doesn't feel like your wearing anything on your face. This BB cream also smells amazing and is very cheap. This is an essential for me because it still gives good coverage without being too heavy. 

Those are my base summer essentials and if you want to see more summer essentials posts just leave a comment below and I will be reviewing these products very soon. 

What are your favourite summer base products?

Emily <3 

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