Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Summer Fashion Haul

Hey everyone! In case you couldn't guess from the title of the post, I went shopping and its another haul. I know that I have done loads of shopping recently but I ended up going to a shopping mall the other day, I couldn't help but pick up a couple of items. I also blame this haul on the fact that I am now in summer holidays so I may have watched one too many fashion hauls which gave me ideas of what to buy. I thought I would share with you what I brought...

New Look Floral Print Dress
This dress looks much better on than it does when it is on a hanger and in this photo. It has this beautiful floral print at the top of the dress and then has this long black skirt bit and when I first looked at this dress I thought it was a top and skirt but make no mistake it is a dress. I found this in New Look in the sale area. I wasn't planning on buying a dress but I had my graduation evening recently and I was planning on wearing this Topshop dress but it was too thick and it was a hot evening so I quickly brought this and I am so pleased with it. It cost 19.99 but because it was in the sale it only cost 10 pounds! Such a bargain.

Primark Heart Patterned Skort 
If your wondering what a skort is, it is a pair of shorts and skirt combined into one thing. I used to wear these type of things when I was in primary school but I have heard Fleurdeforce raving about them and she brought a couple of different ones and I really wanted to try one. I picked up this skort from Primark because I love hearts and is made of a light weight material. I love the idea of a skort because you can sit cross legged if you want and if its windy you can still wear it. This skort cost 7 pounds which is a good price.

Primark Basic Cotton Tee 
I know that this item is a bit boring but I picked up this basic shirt because I thought this shirt would be perfect to pair with the skort. You may not believe it, but I don't actually own any plan white shirts and this shirt only costs 2 pounds so what is there to lose. 

Primark Strap Sandals 
Every summer I pick up a couple of sandals and I thought that I would pick up these shoes because they would look great with a tan and were cheap as well. I love the pink straps that it has and the gold details on the straps. These sandals only cost 4 pounds which is amazing and I am sure that these will be a must have this summer. 

Primark Black Crossover Wedges 
I was so excited when I saw these because I have been looking for some summer wedges for a while now. After I tried these wedges on I was sold because they have a platform so it doesn't hurt to walk in them and they are black so they will go with loads of outfits. They cost 10 pounds which is such a good  price and I couldn't help but buy these. 

That's everything I brought and I am so happy with all of it. I know that I have done a few hauls recently but hopefully you guys don't mind and I love reading hauls because it can give you an idea of the clothes in store and what other people are buying. 

Have you brought any summer clothes recently? 

Emily <3 

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