Saturday, 28 June 2014

Summer Shoe Collection // Primark

I thought that today I would do a post about shoes and more importantly summer shoes because of course it's summer. I don't know about you, but I am that person that has more shoes than is sensible and one thing I love about summer is the new shoes that Primark bring out and I thought that I would show you guys what shoes I have been loving from Primark recently...

The first pair of shoes that I have been wearing a lot recently has been these cute flip flops and I know that they aren't the most amazing thing to walk a long way in but if your having lunch or dinner in the garden or just popping out to the shops these are perfect. I love the details that they have and they go with loads of different outfits. 

Another pair of shoes that I always wear are these black ballet pumps and to be honest, I only normally wear these when I am going on a lunch date or shopping but I really like them because they make a outfit look more complete and make it more dressy. Primark do these shoes in a range of colours but of course, black goes with everything.

The next pair of shoes are one of my favourite mainly because of the colour of the strap because I love mint green. These shoes are perfect for the summer because you can show off your painted toe nails and the nude coloured strap at the ankle makes your skin look that bit more tanned. 

I am not 100 percent sure that Primark still sell these sandals as I brought these last summer but I really wanted to include them because they are amazing and I wear them everyday. They are very comfortable and don't rub your heels. My favourite thing about these sandals are the studs on the straps which give it a edgy look. 

I brought these shoes when I last went to Primark and I am sure that they still sell these and I would recommend picking them up because they are cheap, cute and come in many colours. I really love wearing these shoes with sundresses because they give it a girly look. 

The last shoes also happen to be my favourite and they are these black wedges. I wanted a pair of wedges for the summer for the longest time and I saw these in Primark and fell in love with them because they aren't too high and are comfortable and you could walk around in them without a problem. I have been wearing these with high-low skirts recently. 

I hope that you have found this post interesting and haven't been put off by all the pictures of my feet! I haven't seen a post like this before and I always find shoes really hard to find in primark because the shoe department in Primark is always messy and to be honest makes me so stressed out so if you saw what shoes I brought from Primark, it might give you an idea of what you could buy. 

What shoes do you like to wear during the Summer? 

Emily <3 

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