Sunday, 15 June 2014

Summer Trend // Converse & Lace Trim Socks

I noticed that I have been writing loads of beauty related posts and I thought it was time for a fashion post. I decided to write about a fashion trend that I have really been loving in the last few months and its wearing high top converse with lace trim socks pecking out of the top of the shoe. You might have seen other people rocking this trend as it is fairly popular and I am not normally the person to hop on board with the latest trends but I really like this idea. I think that I first saw this trend when I watched Zoella's lookbook and when I was in primark I decided to pick up a pair of socks and give it a go. It gives the converse a more girly look and really completes an outfit. I would recommend wearing this combination with a skirt or cute floral dress and a cute pair of sunglasses. You can buy these lace trim socks from a range of shops but mine are from Primark and cost one pound (bargain!) or you can get them from Topshop for three pounds fifth which is a little a bit more. You don't have to wear black converse and they don't even have to high tops.

Have you tried this trend? What do you think?

Emily <3

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