Thursday, 19 June 2014

What Are My Mother's Beauty Products?

I am someone that always looks up to their mother and ever since I can remember, she really never worn that much make up but during special events such as birthday parties or fancy dinners she would transform into this beautiful women and so I decided that I would have a peak into her beauty bag. Now this took sometime because she managed to hide it for a good couple of months as she knows i'll take all of her products but at last I have found her secret hiding place. When I finally found her make up stash, it gave me the idea to write a blog post about the make up that she wears and see if me and my mother have any similarities or differences within our make up. Now I know that my mother doesn't own many products but she is beautiful as she is and I didn't include every product because alot of products were from brands that I have never heard so.

We are starting off with blushers and if I am honest, I don't own any of the two blushers that she does. She owns the seventeen blusher in china pink and when I saw this blusher, I immediately asked to borrow it. It is this hot pink colour and is perfect for creating a cute summer look. 

The other blusher that my mother owns is a maybelline blusher in pinky gold and I am totally jealous of her because I have never brought a maybelline blusher and this one has a shimmer to it. One thing that I noticed was that it came with a brush. 

The next product I found was a Bourjois Pressed Power. I believe that my mother uses this pressed powder as a foundation because it is in a darker shade. I have never actually brought anything from the brand Bourjois and I was shocked when I saw this in my mother's make up and I may even steal this from her to try out.

I was so excited when I saw this product because I have the same thing and it is the seventeen pressed powder. I really love this product because it takes away the oil and makes the face look matte. The packaging is different between mine and my mother's but the product is just the same. 

I was very interested in this lipstick when I found it as I was digging through the make up box and I wasn't so sure about the colour and I didn't think that my mother was a person for dark lipstick but when I tested it on my hand I really liked the colour pay off and I may have to buy it myself. 

The last thing I found was a brow definer and eyeliner pencils. These are both from the body shop and they haven't been opened and that doesn't shock me because my mother hardly wears eyeliner but I wanted to include it. I have never used any body shop products before but I may have to soon.

I hope that this post has been enjoyable and it is different but I wanted to try something different. You can comment below what you thought about this post.

Have you ever looked through your mother's make up collection?

Emily <3 


  1. i think this lipstick looks like a lovely colour. id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Hey thanks for reading! I know the lipstick is a great colour xxx


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