Tuesday, 10 June 2014

What's In My Bag?

Today I am doing a 'What's In My Bag?' post which I have been thinking about doing for such a long time and I have finally decided to do it. I am not one to have a untidy bag because I am a clean freak so much so I had to clean my whole room on my first day of the summer holidays. Because of this I don't keep a lot of rubbish in my bag. However, if you want to have a peek into my bag, here we go...

My handbag is from Topshop and is my favourite handbag. I first saw this bag from a Zoella video and I fell in love with it. This handbag is perfect for carrying all the things I need during the day and also allows me to put any sneaky make up products that I buy during the day into the bag. As I'm sure everyone does, I keep my phone and ipod in my handbag but when it came to taking photos, my phone and ipod were on my bed so I didn't get to take any photos but they are often in my handbag. 

The first thing that I have in my bag is my glasses. I often use my glasses if I am at college or if I am going to the movies. I just keep them in this cool glasses case. 

I always keep my keys on me because I am forever being locked out of my house as my family are always doing things and we never seem to communicate clearly. 

Even through the sun rarely comes out in the UK, I do keep sunglasses on me because I have sensitive eyes. I think these sunglasses are from Cotton On. 

I normally keep this notebook in my bag because it doubles as a diary as well and if I have a random blog post idea I just write it down in this notebook. It is also useful if you ever just need a piece of paper. 

As most people do, I keep my wallet in my bag and i have a long type of wallet. I'm not sure what brand it is or where it's from because it was a gift. 

Make Up Bag
I keep my make up bag in my handbag because if I need to powder during the day or I need a hair pin, I can just go into my makeup bag. I like to keep all my makeup in this small bag to stop it from leaking everywhere. 

Water Bottle
I normally keep a water bottle in my handbag because you never know when you may want a drink and I just use an plastic bottle. 

The last thing I normally have with me is deodorant. I just keep the impulse very pink roses and grapefruit body fragrance in my handbag for the days when I forget to spray perfume or if I am in a rush. 

What do you keep in your handbag?

Emily <3 

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