Thursday, 31 July 2014

July Favourites

I can't believe that it is almost the end of July because it means that I am one month closer to moving out and going off to university which is a scary thought but since it's the end of the month I decided that it was time to crack out my July Favourites. I decided for this month to put both my beauty and non-beauty favourites into one blog post. I have skincare, make up, books, candles, music and movies and tv shows...

Make Up 
There are three make up items that I have been loving this month. The first item is the Cream Puff by Collection and it is in Cotton Candy. I love this lip paint because it stays on my lips and does't move and feels soft and smooth. I have used this so much that I actually need to buy a new one because there is none left in the tube! The second item is a blush and is by Natural Collection in Peach Melba. This has been my 'go to' blush for the whole month and only cost £1.99. This blush gives off a peachy healthy colour which is great for the summer time. The last make up item is a liquid eye liner which I hadn't used much but this month, I have been loving eye liner rather than eyeshadow and this eye liner from Rimmel is great because it has a fine tip and creates a nice black line. 

Nail Polish
My two favourite nail polishes of the month have to be Nicole by OPI in 'Jade in the Shade' and Revlon 'Sweet Tart'. I love the Nicole by OPI colour because it is a dark blue colour and reminds me of a mermaid and is perfect for wearing on summer holiday. The Revlon colour has also been a favourite because it is a hot pink colour and is perfect for just wearing all summer and I got loads of people asking me what colour I was wearing. 

I have three skincare favourites and they all do different things. The first thing that I have been loving is the Simple Kind To Skin Light Moisturiser and I really like this because it is light and absorbs into the skin very quickly and claims to work for up to 12 hours. The next item is from Soap and Glory and is there Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em  Body Buff which I have been using two or three times a week. This stuff just really scrubs my skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth and smells amazing not to mention they look very pretty. The other item isn't really a skincare item but I included it anyway and it is a conditioner treatment. It is the Garnier Ultimate Blends 1 minute treatment and can I just say how amazing it smells and leaves my feeling soft and smooth and only requires 1 minute of your time. 

I haven't had as much time to read as I would like because of the amount of time I am spending with the family as they are now on summer holidays but I have really been loving 'We Were Liars' by E. Lockhart and I brought this after I heard about it from Essiebutton and is worth a read. The other book I have been reading lately has been the Lauren Conrad Beauty Book which I love reading when I have a spare couple of minutes and I am learning so much about beauty and if you love make up I would recommend this book. 

I have only really been burning two candles this month and one of them was featured in my June Favourites but because it took so long to burn out, I only really tried one other candle. This is the Yankee Candle in 'Summer Scoop' and it smells amazing. I got this candle in the sale last christmas but I saved it up for the summer and I am so happy I did because it smells like summer in a candle. 

I have been loving a range of different things in terms in music and songs but some standouts include Lucy Hale Road Between, Luke Byran and Sam Smith. I have also been loving Classic by Mkto and I will never let you down by Rita Ora. 

There have been three main movies that I have seen and really liked. The first one is Walking on Sunshine and is my favourite out of the three because it is a feel good, sing along kind of movie and I personally love 80's music so this is perfect for me. The second movie that I have been liking is Maleficent because it is about never judging people from the outside and this is a great movie for the whole family. The last movie is The Other Woman and this movie just made me giggle non stop and is the perfect girls night movie. 

TV Shows 
The last couple of things that have been my favourite for the month of July have been TV shows. One show that has really stood out to me has been Pretty Little Liars because it just keeps getting better and better. Other shows include The Fosters, Mistresses, Young & Hungry, Hollyoaks and The OC which I have been watching non stop. 

And that is everything that is everything I have been loving during July and I hope that you guys had an amazing July and that you enjoyed this post and that is wasn't too long! 

What are your July Favourites? 

Emily <3 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Classic Top Knot Bun Tutorial

It's another post about hair however I am going to be showing you how I achieve the classic top knot bun look which I love to wear. I often go for this look if I have left my hair for a few days and it becomes greasy because it just gets the hair up and out of the way while still looking pretty and chic and doesn't actually require that much work or effort. I am by no means a professional hair stylist but this is just the way I do this hairstyle. If you want to know how I create this look then here we go...

This hair do doesn't require you to go and buy anything special such as a curler or anything. However you will to make sure you have a load of hair pins and hair bands and then any hair spray of your choice. Mine is just from Superdrug and I believe it is there own brand one. 

The first thing to do to create this look is to flip the hair over and tie the hair while the head is hanging down so that you can create a high ponytail easily. The higher the ponytail, the higher the top knot bun. Tie the ponytail with a hair band but because I have thick heavy hair and normally use two or three bands. 

The next step is to flip the ponytail back over the head again and then plait the whole ponytail. You don't have to plait the ponytail like this but I find it easiest when I flip the hair over. When you have plaited the whole ponytail then tie it with a hair band. 

After you have plaited the ponytail, you will need to wrap the ponytail around the top of the ponytail and around the hair bands. Depending on how long your hair is, you may need to wrap the hair around a couple of times. 

The last couple of steps in this hair style is to pin the bun in place. I normally use about ten hair pins just because I have very thick hair and I try to evenly spread the hair pins out so that the plait doesn't come undone and then I just apply hair spray to insure that the top knot bun stays in place. 

I hope that these hairstyle instructions were helpful and hopefully this could help you with creating your own bun and of course, this is just my way of doing this and you can change whatever part of the hairstyle you want. 

What is your favourite hairstyle to rock? 

Emily <3 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

How I Deep Clean My Make Up Brushes

I'm going to be talking about something that no one likes doing and that is cleaning make up brushes. I have heard people say that they haven't clean their make up brushes this year which is just sickening to me because I am a clean freak and therefore I normally clean my make up brushes every two weeks. I also clean my make up brushes quite regularly because I only own one foundation brush  that works really well for me. However I am looking to buy a few more foundation brushes so I don't have to clean my brushes as often. With eye shadow brushes, they don't need to be washed as often but I would advise you clean your foundation brushes as often as every two to three weeks to avoid bacteria from festering on your foundation brush and then being transferred into your face when your apply your foundation. I am going to show you how I deep clean my brushes rather than spot cleaning your brushes so here we go...

To clean my make up brushes I use the Johnson's baby shampoo and you may think that this is a weird choice but I use this shampoo because it is gentle and as it says 'as gentle to eyes as pure water' and therefore is gentle on my face. I also love the smell of this shampoo and leaves the make up brushes feeling smooth and soft. 

The first thing I do when I decide I need to clean my brushes is my dampen all the brushes I am going to wash with lukewarm water. This makes it easier to get the shampoo to lather and fully clean the brush. I dampen every brush but forgot to take a photo of every brush but hopefully you get the idea. 

The next step is to pump however much you want of the shampoo or whatever cleaning product you want to use. However just be carefully and try not to use too much cleaning product because it can be a nightmare later on when your trying to get rid of the shampoo before drying. 

After I have pumped the shampoo into my hand, I swirl the brush in my hand and into the shampoo to lather up the product and you can occasionally add a bit of water and keep swirling the brush around in your palm and watch all the foundation disappear off the brush. I normally do this with the all the brushes however I don't use as much shampoo with eyeshadow brushes and smaller brushes. 

Next up, I just normally run the brush under lukewarm water to get rid of the shampoo and then squeeze out any extra product and water and often there is still shampoo left in the brush so I run it under the tap with lukewarm water and then squeeze out the water again and I would recommend doing this until you don't see any bubble or shampoo when you squeeze the brush. 

The last step in washing your make up brushes is to leave them to dry which is normally the longest and worst bit so I would recommend that you wash your brushes in the morning after you have applied your make up so that the brushes have the whole day and night to dry fully and so your not applying your make up with a semi damp brush. I normally balance my make up brushes over the edge of my bath tub so they can drip dry and if the brushes have a certain shape then try your best to mound the brush into that shape so they dry that way. 

And that's how I deep clean my make up brushes! I hope that wasn't too boring and was helpful and this is just the way that I wash my brushes but you can use whatever product you want to clean with and you can repeat this a number of times if you very dirty brushes. 

How often do you clean your brushes? What do you use? 

Emily <3 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Top 5 Under £5 Drugstore Products

I recently did a top 5 under 10 pounds post and I got a lot of positive feedback about it and so I thought that I would do a top 5 under 5 pounds post. As I am sure I have told you before, I am such a drugstore girl and I love making trips to Boots and Superdrug so these types of posts are so much fun to write and create. 

The first product is a mascara and it is from Maybelline because they sell amazing mascaras but they are fairly pricey, however this mascara only cost £4.99. This mascara has had mixed reviews but I generally don't mind it and find it fine to use. I brough the Great Lash Mascara with the smaller wand and I find this is useful for applying mascara to my lower lashes. 

One of my favourite brands to buy cheap nail polish from is Barry M and I personally love their Gelly Hi Shine Nail Polishes and the colour Greenberry is amazing. This nail polish has a thick texture and has a shiny finish which I love and only really requires one or two coats. The Gelly Hi Shine nail polishes cost £3.99 which isn't as cheap as the normally Barry M Nail Polishes but I don't mind an extra pound. 

The next product is the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder which is a 'must have' for me and I use it everyday. It keeps me oil free and keeps my face matte. However the packaging is fairly cheap and can easily be broken if it isn't looked after well but for £3.99 you can't really ask for more because the product its self is amazing for a drugstore product. 

I am sure that you would have heard about this product before and its the Maybelline colour tattoo in 'On and On Bronze' or 'Bad to the Bronze'. This was one of the first things I ever brought and I use almost everyday because I love a good bronze eyeshadow look and it is so easy to apply. I often don't bother using a brush and just apply it with my fingers and then just blend it out. They come in so many colours and only cost £4.99. 

Recently I have been loving my liquid eyeliner from Rimmel and I haven't heard too many people talking about this product but I personally love it and is fairly cheap compared to other brands such as Maybelline and L'oreal. The main reason why I love this product is that it has a small fine tip and is perfect for people who can't apply liquid liner like me. It only cost £5.49 which is about two pounds cheaper than L'oreal eyeliners. I know that this product is over 5 pounds but when I brought it only cost 4.99. 

That's everything in my top 5 under 5 pounds post and I hope that this post has given you ideas on what to buy if your on a budget and want to know what you can get for 5 pound or under. If you enjoy these products comment below telling me what other drugstore related posts you would like to see.

What's your favourite cheap drugstore product?

Emily <3 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Drugstore Skincare // Nivea Daily Essentials

I felt like doing a skincare post so for this post I am going to be talking about a skincare brand called Nivea. Ever since I was a child, there was always one brand that my mum allowed me to use, and it was Nivea because she told me that it was gentle for my sensitive skin and to this day I still use Nivea. I love using Nivea because it is gentle on my skin and is from the drugstore and this means that it is cheap and can be found in Boots or Superdrug. However I am going to be talking a few products that I use from their Daily Essentials collection. 

Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes - Link
The first product from Nivea that I am going to be talking about is the gentle facial cleansing wipes and I know that wipes aren't the best thing to use to take make up off with but I keep these around for the times when my make up brushers are too dirty to use so I end up using my fingers to apply my foundation and need to wipe off any leftover foundation on my hands. I normally buy these wipes over others because they are gentle and are alcohol free and only cost £2.99 which is a bargain. 

Nivea Sensitive Cleansing Milk - Link
Because I don't use cleansing wipes to remove make up, I use the Nivea Sensitive Cleansing Milk. I have talked about this product before but it is so good and cleanses, removes make up and mascara and moisturises the skin. I use this product by pouring the milk onto my hand and then massaging it into the face making sure that I cover the whole face and then I just rinse my face with water. This cleansing milk leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft and only costs £4.10 from Boots or Superdrug. 

Nivea Extra Gentle Eye Make Up Remover - Link 
The next product is a eye make up remover because not all the mascara comes off with the cleansing milk due the silly amount that I apply. I have gone through two bottles of this already because it is gentle and doesn't make my eyes sting or blur my verison which is a plus side. This only contains 125ml but it lasts a while because I only use it for my eyes and it weirdly smells quite nice and costs £3.49 from Boots and is worth a try. 

Nivea Tinted Moisturising Day Cream -Link 
The final product from Nivea is more of a make up product for me and is the Tinted Moisturising Day Cream in Natural. As you may know from previous posts, I am not that much a foundation girl, so when I saw this in Boots, I picked it up and give it a go. I really love this moisturiser and in fact, it has become a summer make up love because it doesn't feel thick on my skin and blends really well. I picked up the colour Natural and I'm not sure about different shades because this was the only one I could find and it cost £3.59 in Superdrug or Boots. 

There are my four Nivea products from the Daily Essentials range and I hope that this post has been interesting and has given you some ideas as to products that you could use from the Drugstore. I have sensitive, dry and oily skin so these products work well for me however this may be different with you. 

Have you tried Nivea Products before? What did you think?

Emily <3 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Top 5 Under £10 Drugstore Products

I have wanting to do this post for a while now and it is my top 5 under 10 pounds product post. I am a massive drugstore make up girl and I decided that I was going to show you what products you can buy from Boots or Superdrug for 10 pounds or less.  I picked a range of different products and I first saw these types of videos on Fleurdeforce's channel so I thought why not try a blog post like this.

Sleek is one of my favourite brands in the drugstore for eyeshadows and when I heard Zoella talking about them I felt the need to go and buy this one and I am so happy that I did because it is amazing and contains 12 eyeshadows and they are so pigmented. This palette cost 7.99 which is amazing for the quality of eyeshadows and the packaging makes it look so sleek as the name says and also comes with a massive mirror which is always helpful. 

The next product is a lip product and this product is so hyped up the beauty world and I am pretty sure I have heard every beauty blogger and youtuber talking about these and they are the Revlon lip butters and I have the colour 'Candy Apple' which is a bright red colour. This lip butter was one of the first things I brought when I started getting into make up and I still love it now. It doesn't dry out your lips and cost 7.99 which isn't that cheap but this lip butter is worth it. 

My next product is from L'oreal however I haven't heard that much about this product but I really love them and it is the Colour Infaillible in 'Innocent Turquoise'. This product is a loose eyeshadow pigment which can be messy but the colour payoff is amazing and creates this beautiful mermaid kind of look. This eyeshadow cost 6.99 and you can get different shades as well. 

I couldn't not include this mascara in this post because it is so hyped up and talked about on the beauty scene and is the Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. This mascara is perfect if you want loads of volume and makes me look more awake and I actually have the flared version which gives even more volume. However mascara cost 7.99 which isn't cheap but the volume that this mascara is truly amazing. 

The last product in my top 5 under 10 pounds is a nail polish and it is Essie's Bungle Jungle which is a dark red colour. I love using this colour for winter and is perfect for christmas time because it has sparkles in it. This nail polish has a thick coverage and only requires one or two coats depending on how long you want it to last and lasts on your nails for a fairly long time. 

That's everything in my top 5 under 10 pounds post. I hope that you enjoyed it and found it interesting. I know that not all of these products will be sold in every Superdrug and Boots but these are the ones in my local drugstores. 

What are you top 5 under 10 pound products? 

Emily <3 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

How I Stay Heathy & 30 Day Yoga Challenge

One thing that I always struggled with is having a healthy lifestyle and I am by no means a perfect role model for this but I wanted to share with you what I do to try my best to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle isn't just about one thing and it really consists of different parts of your lifestyle and these include eating habits, exercise and being active. I thought that I would show you how I try to keep my lifestyle semi-healthy...

Eating habits

I always hear people talking about how they go on these diets and eat really healthy foods however I love food and I find it extremely hard to eat healthy but I have found a few tips over the last months and I decided I would tell you guys about them. The first tip is that I cut down on the amount of snacks that I have and if I get really hungry between meals, I often reach for a fruit rather than biscuits or sweets. Another way to reduce the amount of snacking is by increasing the meal sizes so I'm not hungry between meals. The second tip I have is to time the food intake, rather than eating breakfast and than lunch an hour later, I try to spread my meals out evenly so that I am not hungry or too full to eat even if this means getting up earlier to eat breakfast. My last tip is not to stave yourself with diets or not allow yourself to eat the food you want because when I tried this, it drained my energy levels and I became very grumpy and I still allow myself to have unhealthy foods every now and then as a treat. I also wanted to add that drinking water is very important and this is something that I am quite good at and I will often just go a whole day just drinking water.

Exercise / Being Active

Exercise and being active is almost as bad as eating healthy for me and is again something that I struggle with however I have been trying my best and if there is one thing I have learnt recently, it is that exercise doesn't have to be hard and boring. I often do gentle exercise like a walk or pilates or just doing some stretching. I often do these exercises because they are easy and a lot of the time I don't even notice that I am doing exercise or being active because they are just part of my lifestyle so you could include walking into your lifestyle by walking rather than taking the car. This could be walking to school, the gym, work, the shopping centre or mall or even just walking the dogs or with friends. Another way that I keep active is by cycling because if I am feeling too lazy to walk I might crack out my bicycle. I also love swimming and I train around three times a week so I don't go to the gym but you don't have to go to the gym either because you could just go for a run outside, for a swim in your locate pool, or if your a home person, you could create a fitness circle in your garden or living room.

30 day yoga challenge

One thing that I have started recently is the 30 day yoga challenge and I wasn't sure about this when I first started it and I didn't think that I would be very good and wouldn't make time for it but I am now on day three so it's been good so far. You could take part in the 30 day yoga challenge as well by typing in ' 30 day yoga challenge' into youtube and the videos should come up. This challenge is perfect and only takes around 20 minutes out of your day and you can chose when you want to do it. I normally do my daily yoga in the morning just so that it is out of the way and it refreshes and relaxes me and because I suffer from anxiety, doing yoga just makes me relax. However you could always do yoga after work to relive you from the stress of the day as well.

I hope that this post has been interesting and helpful and as I said have said before I am not a perfect role model for this or doctor so I just do these things because they work for me and this doesn't always mean that they will work for you and feel free to change any of these tips to suit you. If you want to know about anything or would like me to go into more depth about any of the areas that I have covered than you can always leave a comment below.

What do you to stay health? Do you have any tips for me? 

Emily <3 

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