Friday, 4 July 2014

Comparison // Cream Puff vs The Matte Factor

I have never done a comparison post before but there is a first for everything and today I am going to be comparing the Cream Puff from Collection and The Matte Factor from Miners. These are bother similar products but I wanted to compare them both to see which one is better. The Cream Puff that I used was called 'Fairy Cake" (3) and The Matte Factor was called 'Peach' and these are the closest colour match I could find. 

The first thing I noticed was that the packaging was very similar and both had the same applicator. However the Cream Puff was cheaper than the The Matte Factor. The Cream Puff cost 2.99 each and The Matte Factor 3.99 each. So there is only one pound difference and I think that each of these products are a good price.  

Cream Puff 'Fairy Cake' 

The Matte Factor 'Peach'

As you can see from the photos above, the cream puff is thinner than the matte factor. Because of this, the cream puff doesn't apply as well and does require a couple of coats before it looks opaque but the matte factor applies thick and only requires one coat and your good to go. The cream puff does seem to dry quicker but that is because it is thinner and the matte factor does take a good couple of minutes before it is fully dry. However, when these products are dry, they don't move and you can drink and eat with them and you wouldn't have to reapply. But I do think that the matte factor has longer lasting power and stays on for longer and requires make up wipes to remove it, whereas the cream puff does start to flake off a little bit towards the end of the day. 

I think that the matte factor smells better than the cream puff but they both smell nice but the matte factor smells of vanilla whereas the cream puff has a weak plastic smell to it. These products are both meant to be moisturising but I feel that the the matte factor is more moisturising than the cream puff. This is because the cream puff does seem to dry out my lips after wearing it and does also become quite flakey. Overall I would prefer the matte factor over the cream puff because it is moisturising and applies thicker  but this is just my opinion and they may work differently on your lips. 

Have you any of these products? Which one do you prefer?

Emily <3 

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