Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Rocking My Kimomo

It's a fashion post today and I took a cheeky trip into Primark yesterday and one thing that I picked up was a Kimomo because I have seen loads of different people wearing Kimomo's such as Essiebutton and Zoella and I thought why not buy one and give it a go. I am not a person to wear bright colours or patterns but you wouldn't that from this kimomo but something about the pattern, style and design drew me towards it. This kimomo has blue, green, white and pink colours included in it and I would describe the pattern as aztec. I am no fashion expert but I wanted to show you how I would rock a kimomo...

The first outfit is a casual outfit and is perfect the summer time outfit. I paired my kimomo with a pair of denim jean shorts from New Look and a plain black tank top from Cotton On. I paired plain clothing with the kimomo because it is so bright and colourful. 

The next outfit is another summer one and features a dress and is a bit more girly. Because the Kimomo is flowy and doesn't contain any shape, I paired it with a bodycon dress from Primark to maintain the shape of the body and making the kimomo stand out because of the plain dress detail. 

The final outfit is more for the autumn and winter time and is perfect for a lazy shopping or for grabbing a coffee. The outfit consists of a pair of black skinny jeans from New Look and another black plain tank top from New Look as well. 

These outfits are based on my own style so feel free to change whatever you want to suit your style and as I said I am not a fashion expect by any means. I hope that you have enjoyed this different fashion post. 

Have you tried or brought a Kimomo before? How do you style a Kimomo? 

Emily <3 


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  2. Sure I'll follow you and you can follow me :)
    thanks xx

  3. I like your second outfit. I like kimono but I don't have one yet. Great post.


    1. i really like outfit two as well! thanks for reading :)

      emily xx


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