Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Summer Lip Product Picks

Seeing as we are now half way through the summer, I thought it was time to talk about my summer lip product picks. I have a range of different lip products as I don't wear lipsticks or lipglosses everyday so I mixed this up. I love wearing something on my lips and makes me feel complete and if you want to know what lip products I have been loving this summer then keep reading.

The first product I am talking about is a lipstick and is probably one of my favourite lipsticks and is from Miners and is called English Rose. It is this light pink colour and is perfect for a natural beauty look. I love wearing this lipstick because it gives the perfect amount of light without looking too heavy and is great for the summer.

The next product is not a shocking one because I am forever talking about this product and I recently did a whole post about it. It is the collection cream puff in cotton candy and is a moisturising lip cream. It is perfect for the summer because it has a matte finish and won't move if your eating and drinking and stays on all day and doesn't need reapplying. 

Another lipstick is my next product and it comes from Rimmel and is a bright pink colour. I have recently done a first impressions post about this lipstick and I really love this colour for summer. This lipstick is perfect if you have a neutral eyes look because it draws the attention to lips. I also love this lipstick because it has good lasting power. 

This product is a glossy lip balm and is from NYC. I love this lip balm over any other one because it smells amazing and gives the right amount of colour without looking too bold. This lip balm doesn't dry out your lips either and just feels smooth and soft on your lips. 

The last product is a MUA power pout which is a lip balm pen and is in rendezvous which is a light natural pink colour and is perfect for summer. I love wearing this lip balm on no make up days because it gives a little colour and is smells very nice. 

What lip products have you been loving recently?

Emily <3 

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